Got some paint leftover from your recent painting project? Don’t throw them out just yet! Aside from the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees (especially in this economy!), it would be such a waste. When stored properly, leftover paints can still be used for future projects. We asked our experts here in Boysen on how to extend the shelf life of used paint. So, here’s all you need to know on how to store unused paint.

The Importance of Proper Paint Storage

Why even bother to properly store leftover paints? Just chuck them in a corner and you’re done right? Not really. First of all, you’re dealing with chemicals here. It’s important to properly close the packaging or transfer them in more suitable containers for storage so kids and pets can’t get to them. And as I mentioned earlier, you paid your hard earned money to purchase these paints. Let’s squeeze out all the value we can out of our purchase, shall we?

Painting It Easy Episode 06: How to Store Unused Paint


For me, the key takeaway in this video is to make sure that the jars and bottles you’re placing the extra paint in are super-duper clean and you close them tight right after. This prevents any unwanted contamination with the paint. Who’d want to coat their walls with spoiled paint? Not only can it affect the actual color of the paint, but it will also significantly reduce its integrity as well. Nobody wants to scrape off a failed painting job.

What to Do with Leftover Paints

Of course, just because your leftover paints are stored properly doesn’t mean that you can keep them in your cupboard for the next 5 years. Paints still expire! It might be a good idea to plan a fun DIY weekend activity soon. Stumped for some ideas? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun painting activities that doesn’t require a lot of paint!

What to Do with 200mL Pots of Boysen Paint

Not painting your walls anytime soon? What about some fun crafting ideas you can do with leftover paint instead? Check this exciting article out down below!

7 Krafty Kriz DIY Projects to Try for a Fun and Productive Weekend

Final Thoughts

So, with this Painting It Easy video I hope you guys learn to appreciate the value and importance of properly storing unused paint. Do it for the environment! But perhaps most of all, do it for your wallet. LOL ?.  Do you have any other questions regarding proper storage, paints, or colors? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help.

If you’re looking for more DIY things you can do with leftover paints, browse the blog! I didn’t tag all the articles here because they are literally too many to even mention. Schedule a weekend with a loved one (or by yourself! That’s okay) to do some of these fun activities together. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you do try these out.

We have several other Painting It Easy videos up for your viewing and education pleasure. Take a look at the rest here! We’re also open to any video suggestions that you guys might be interested. Just hit us up in any of our social media platforms. Happy painting!


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