Watch Kriz snazz up her terra cotta pots using stencils and paint.

Note: In the video, Kriz mentions using Lamp Black. However, Lamp Black is a latex colorant that’s available in 1/4-liter and 1-liter packaging. There’s no Permacoat Lamp Black that is ready-mixed. What Boysen does have that is ready to use is Permacoat Flat Black Latex B791, so get that instead.

A Green Home

My experience with indoor plants is that they die on me. Maybe some are able to struggle along for a couple of weeks, but most of them just wither away under my tender loving care. It doesn’t stop me though from trying and trying while there is still life in them. I try to compensate for their sad destinies by giving them nice pots. Not that these help. But while the plants are alive, they really look so pretty.

My mother has thumbs which are greener than green. She is a wizard at making sorry-looking twigs flower and bloom. Unfortunately for my dying plants, she does not live in my city. In my defense, I do give up the plants that are at death’s door to a friend who has thumbs that are as green as a lephrechaun’s jacket. I don’t know if her batting average is as good as my mom’s (which is excellent), because I neither see the plants again nor the pots they came in. Payment for funeral services rendered, I guess.

Check out Creating a Green Living Space for inspiration on beautifying your home with greenery. There are a lot of photos there which you can use as pegs for your own plant decorating.

Indoor Plants that Withstand “Black Thumbs”

I actually have not met a plant yet that can endure my kind of care, although I am a proud parent of these two for the last two months. I left them during the holidays and they still look good. One even sprouted a new leaf!

new leaf sprouted

I don’t know what kind of plant the one on the left is. I call that one Maize because it looks like corn to me. And the other I call Khaki, a play on cactus. They must like it that I talk to them every day. I also have followed instructions that came with the plants to water them only once a week, 50 ml for Maize and 30 ml for Khaki. So far, so good.

We have an infographic on a Guide to House Plants. Click on that link so that you are properly advised. Most, if not all, of the plants are easily available. You will also see which areas in the house the plants could best thrive in.

Succulents for Your Home

Succulents have been touted as low-maintenance plants. But my experience debunks that statement.

We made a video in 2017 about painting pots without using stencils. To read the full article, go to Succulents and Scandi-Looking Black and White Pots.

The plants really looked wonderful in my home until their leaves fell off and they all started rotting. Someone said I overwatered them. Guilty as charged. I was channeling my nurturing Mother Earth self. Not though.

So if you are interested in plants, go to your local garden shop. Don’t come to me. My expertise lies in killing them.

However, you can ask us anything about paint. You can be sure to get an expert answer. We’ve got a super Technical Team, and they can be reached at number (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours. You can also write an email to


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  1. Hello! Does Boysen have a Sealer meant for bricks/clays? Thank you!

  2. Hi, Where can i buy the stencils that you used in painting the terracotas?
    Thanks and more power!

    • Hi Pinky,

      Thanks for dropping by! The stencils are self-made. You can google printable stencils pattern if you don’t want to make one yourself 😀 Stay safe and happy crafting!


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