Virtuoso Silk Touch, Boysen’s premier paint, has eight colors which are readily available at the Boysen Mix & Match Stations in home depots throughout the country.

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint

What is so special about Virtuoso is that it combines the elegant, contemporary finish of matte paint and the easy-to-clean capabilities of glossy paint. The reason for this is the Teflon™ surface protector that makes this paint look good on any wall and the best choice for areas in need of stain resistant walls.

Virtuoso Paint is intended for interior surfaces such as concrete and drywall substrates.

Virtuoso Paint Colors at Mix and Match

These eight colors can be easily mixed in the Boysen Mix and Match Stations. Pre-quarantine, these were available off the shelf. But at this present time, they are still readily available with the help of the dizer, who will mix your color choice right then and there.

If you want another hue, check out the Virtuoso colors in this Boysen Color Trend website.

Cool Breeze | V9000C43

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Cool Breeze is light and easy on the eye. It reminds one of those bright, sunny days when there is not much to do except to have some fun outdoors with your loved ones. The tropical heat may get too much but there in the shade, under the rustling palm fronds, you feel a gentle wind play with your hair and cool your nape.

Light blue is an easy color to pair with many different colors. If you want to carry that easy feeling into your home, you can have an analogous color scheme with colors like green or blue green, making the vibe relaxing and comfortable.

If you want to add a zing to it, then add a light orange color like fresh cantaloupe. Rooms in these colors will feel like a yummy and refreshing embrace.

Cotton | V9000C02

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

The color Cotton of Virtuoso is as easy to love as the natural fluffy material that is used in so many things. So why not place it on your walls too?

Pleasantly fresh and inviting, this color has a hint of green. Cotton would be at home in any room of the house so go ahead, paint all your interiors with this hue. If you have a small home, this could optically enlarge your space.

This is a good color to pair with light wood and other organic textures like natural weaves in neutral colors.

Fragrant White | V9000C05

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Fragrant White is another easy color to combine with other colors. It’s like the creamy white petals of a rosal flower. It’s similar to ivory with its slight tinge of yellow.

You can use a tone-on-tone scheme to bring out the crispness and purity of this color. For the tone-on-tone technique, opt to use a single color and not more, and have a monochromatic scheme where you change the saturation of that color throughout the space.

To further add interest, use different textures, physical and visual, so that there will be a play of light and shadow. Be spare with the use of other colors and use just traces to highlight elements.

Bailey’s White | V9000C03

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Do you want to paint your walls beige? You’ve got a winner in Bailey’s White. It is warm and soothing with a barely-there tint of yellow, just enough to give a dollop of sunshine and optimism to a living space. This light color is suitable for a study, perfect if you’re working from home or your children are following online learning courses.

Bright colors would come alive against this color. Let there be some method to the madness though. Choose a color scheme before you play.

But if you are an expert in the use of colors, or you are just a girl who wants to have fun and you can’t be bothered by rules, then knock yourself out. It’s just paint after all. If you hate the final result, Boysen has thousands more to choose from.

Hint of Mint | V9000C04

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Hint of Mint is the whitest in the line of readily available colors of Virtuoso.

Like the other whites, it is easy to combine with other colors, and fairly easy to use whatever color scheme you have in mind. You can go minimal and just have a monochromatic look. You can choose to be dramatic and have the classic black and white combination. If colorful and fun is your style, you can use pops of colors to have that Andy Warhol kind of vibe.

Pistachio | V9000C54

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

This is a gorgeous green and very stylish. Pistachio is a versatile color because it can fit almost any architectural style, from farmhouse to mansion.

This color is very much in keeping with the times when people are hankering for things organic and natural. If you can’t move out of the city that easily, get some green into your home with Pistachio.

Passion | V9000C76

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Passion is the color of pomegranate, deep red and just as exotic. With your furnishings, you can switch the feel of a room from sexy to modern. This color creates a lot of impact and should be used with a deft hand because it could so easily make a space look tacky.

Red creates a lot of impact and exudes a sleek sophistication. So if you’re ready for passion and a rejuvenation of your spirit, paint your walls with this color. Read about the 60-30-10 rule in the use of colors in interiors.

Don’t be intimidated. Ignite that fire in you!

Roasted Honey | V9000C22

Readily Available Colors for Virtuoso Paint | MyBoysen

Like honey, let this warm, cozy color wrap you in its sweet embrace. Earth colors like Roasted Honey give a calm and friendly ambience. Combine it with other natural colors to create a harmonious look.

A home in this color is good for grounding and can help you deal with the anxieties that the pandemic brings.

Are you going for a chic vibe? Roasted Honey with white, black, or grey can make your space feel sophisticated and luxurious.

Why Choose Virtuoso

Aside from its luxurious silk finish, Virtuoso has a lot of things going for it. Bear these in mind when you choose Virtuoso paint.

matte finish  |  antibacterial | easy to clean
silky smooth walls  |  odor-less
low VOC  |  outstanding color retention 

No wonder Virtuoso is a favorite of architects and interior designers.

Any time you’re ready to take the Virtuoso plunge, these eight colors are waiting for you in the Boysen Mix and Match Station.

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