Hey painters, if you haven’t been on the Boysen website, you’re missing out. We’ve told you about its online store already and now we’re excited to tell you more about it! Here are just some of the useful things you’ll find at www.boysen.com.ph.

Boysen Product Guides

Starting a Paint Project? Here's How the Boysen Website Can Help! | MyBoysen

When you need a bit of help on how to go about your painting project, look no further than the Boysen website. Under the Products section you’ll be able to find the technical data sheet of the Boysen product you’re working with.

The technical data sheet will contain all the important info you need to know including paint features, dry time, theoretical coverage, thinning and clean-up solvent, painting schedule, and more.

Try the search bar on the upper portion of the website to get to a product’s technical data sheet quicker too.

Digital Color Swatches

Starting a Paint Project? Here's How the Boysen Website Can Help! | MyBoysen

There are many ways to browse Boysen paint colors like through Boysen fan decks, the Boysen app, and The Color Library. Another option is via the Colors section of the Boysen website. Here you’ll find the readily available paint colors of several paint products, wood stains, and special finishes.

To see all the colors Boysen has to offer (there are more than a thousand!), including those you can get mixed at a Boysen Mix and Match station, head here.

Online Store

Starting a Paint Project? Here's How the Boysen Website Can Help! | MyBoysen

Add to cart! Shop for fan decks, paint color samples, and paint rollers on the Boysen website’s online store.

Fan decks are paint swatches collated together and are useful for those who work with paint often. Compared to digital swatches, they’re more reliable when it comes to actual color representation.

If you’re only interested in a few paint colors, Boysen paint color samples are helpful. These sample pots come in 200mL containers and are perfect for testing out colors at home. And, of course, you can’t paint without a roller. Boysen carries high-quality Fuyama rollers in its online store.

That’s it for this blog post’s list but there are a lot more things to see on the Boysen website. Head to www.boysen.com.ph and check out the site for yourself!


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