Nearly everywhere you look, you can get painting ideas from the street art in Singapore. Take a stroll down any major district and you will see snippets of contemporary artwork on walls and alleyways. If that’s not enough, the vibrant colors of historical shophouses and homes ought to inspire as well, to show the many ways you can utilize paint for your home exteriors.

Spend an afternoon in these neighborhoods and map out the landmarks listed below to inspire you with new painting ideas for your homes.

Subhan Street

Kampong Glam is Singapore’s oldest urban area, which also happens to be one of the trendiest and most colorful areas of the city. This is also the Muslim quarter of the city where communities of ethnic Malays and Arabs settled in 1822.

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From Masjid Sultan, take a walk through Subhan Street and see all the murals on full display. Paint is plastered all over the back of buildings, as Subhan Street is relatively empty with the front of buildings facing the other way. The murals help bring life to an otherwise quiet alley.

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Apply this painting idea to your homes and brighten up areas that seem otherwise empty. You can use murals creatively in barren areas with large, empty surfaces, such as the back of your house or your garage gate.

Haji Lane

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Haji Lane needs no introduction thanks to its online popularity. Located within Kampong Glam, it is considered to be one of the district’s commercial centers, with eclectic shops, cafes, and bars lining the street.

Nearly all buildings here have been splashed with paint, without a bare wall left untouched by art. Murals here have given the street its own distinct artist-bohemian identity, becoming a part of Haji Lane’s branding scheme to the benefit of local businesses.

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Be creative with house paint and use various painting ideas as an expression of your personality. This makes your home an artistic reflection, and thereby an extension, of yourself.

Ann Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill comes alive at night on Fridays and weekends due to the bars and restaurants located along Ann Siang Road and Club Road. Located in historic Chinatown, Ann Siang Hill is lined with various old shophouses once occupied by Chinese immigrants.

By day, you can see all the colorful old storefronts with Chinese inscriptions, vintage tiles, and wooden window shutters. These cultural buildings also hide street art in alleys and hidden corners. Head to Ann Siang House, a wonderful boutique hotel that integrates contemporary painting ideas on its historic façade, using bright blue paint sparingly to modernize the heritage building without stripping it of its history.

Sometimes, all it takes to renew a home are imaginative painting ideas. Paint can be used smartly and strikingly to revive old houses and bring new character into your homes.

Old Hill Street Police Station

The Old Hill Street Police Station was built in 1934 and was regarded as one of the most modern in the 1930’s. It was the highest pre-war building in Singapore and was known for its Neo-Classical architecture, which was in-vogue in England at the time.

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It is now known for its 927 windows painted in the colors of the rainbow – a small but impactful change that has helped it become among the most recognizable buildings in the country. This painting idea was a part of the restoration project in 1997, as the windows were once simply white, gray, and brown.

Small changes in color can give massive results to your home when done skilfully. Create small and meaningful changes by adding contrasting colors in areas often overlooked to create shocking and playful changes at home.

Stay Tuned For More

There is always something new to see in the dynamic city of Singapore. The country prides itself in being among the culture capitals of Southeast Asia, with tons of art exhibits, performances, and architectural marvels debuting nearly each year. Public art is almost ubiquitous in Singapore, making appearances in historical quarters and modern neighborhoods to bring more life into the city.

When you visit Singapore, you will find that there are so many more locations where you can get inspiration for your home painting ideas. Most of them are Insta-worthy too so don’t forget to snap some pictures to take home.

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