Nostalgia is comforting. It reminds me of the less complicated days when I just watched Tagalog-dubbed anime, Wansapanataym, and old movie reruns on TV. My only problem was the dreaded lunchtime when I was required to eat vegetables, which I successfully evaded by promising my lola that I will pluck her growing white hair strands. A fair trade, I must say. 

A lot of things have changed since then— I don’t have a TV anymore, I love vegetables, my lola has passed on.

What remains unchanged is my habit of turning to nostalgic films for comfort. Here, I list down some films that are to me like a warm bowl of sopas (a clever way to make children eat veggies like cabbage and carrots). Every movie in this list features great music. If you’re in the mood for some feel-good and nostalgic films, you can go to Studio B to watch these for free.

Swing It Baby (dir. Al Quinn, 1979)

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Tayo’y magsayawan, sumabay sa takbo ng tugtugan. 

The film opens with a band singing and a dance number showing flawless blocking and impeccable camera transitions. Swing It Baby is more than just a love story between Marilen (Vilma Santos) and Ben (Romeo Vasquez). What stood out for me the most is the amazing choreography and the groovy tunes of VST and Company. This film is both an ear candy and an eye candy.  

The scene that will get you into the groove: The traffic-stopping flash mob dancing to “Tayo’y Magsayawan” will make you feel the urge to dance. Even the nuns stuck in traffic can’t help but give in to the beat of the music. 

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Maging Sino Ka Man (dir. Eddie Rodriguez, 1991)

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Mahal kita, ‘pagkat mahal kita, iniisip nila ay hindi mahalaga.

At five, I fell in love with the short-haired, red-lipped Sharon Cuneta in that sparkling red dress singing “Maging Sino Ka Man.” This romantic comedy slash action movie united the Megastar and the bad boy Robin Padilla. They make an unlikely yet endearing couple. Imagine a famous singer and a petty thief living under the same roof, and you’ll see them getting on each other’s nerves. They can’t stop bickering but their quarrels only add to their mind-blowing chemistry on the screen. Count me in as emotionally invested in this love team. 

Swoon-worthy moment, also SPOILER ALERT: When Carding confessed his feelings to Monique, he said, “Nakakainis man tanggapin, champion ka talaga eh, taas ang kamay ko sa’yo! Nagkakagusto na nga ako sayo eh. Mahal na nga kita palagay ko eh, maging sino ka man. 

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S2pid Luv (dir. Al Tantay, 2002)

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Nang ma-inlove ako sa’yo kala ko’y pag-ibig mo ay tunay.

Stupid Love is also the title of the popular hit song of Salbakuta. It’s the unofficial anthem of the deceived and the heartbroken millennials. 

Making music in the slums with metal scraps as their instruments, George (Andrew E.) and Bin (Blakdyak) are aspiring singers. This film is about pursuing your dreams even in the toughest circumstances. The icing on the cake is the romantic storyline, which shows the literal interpretation of the famous motto written on slam books: “Love is blind.”

Scenes that will bring you contagious joyfulness: 

  • The eye doctor graphically explaining (i.e. taking out his eye) the blindness of George’s love interest, Wendy (Angelika Dela Cruz). 
  • With the help of the whole barangay, they staged a road trip to Baguio pretending to his blind lover that they’re in a sports car. George’s friends manually lifted and shook the stationary old car, and used electric fans to simulate the fake car ride. 

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What film are you watching that gives you comfort? Share your movie list by dropping a comment below. Follow this link for more nostalgic films on Studio B.


Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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