You can finally watch your favorite Filipino films for free on Studio B! With over 300 classic Filipino movies in its large library, where do you begin? To help you choose, we made a quick list of movies, ranging from FPJ’s action-packed Ang Probinsyano to Rufa Mae Quinto’s hilarious Super B. 

Bituing Walang Ningning (dir. Emmanuel Borlaza, 1985)

Homebound: What Movies to Watch on Studio B

“You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard copycat!” 

Collective gasp!

Who doesn’t know by heart the remarkable line uttered by Lavinia Arguelles (Cherie Gil) as she doused water onto Dorina Pineda (Sharon Cuneta)? We all adore the Megastar but I was enamored by Gil’s powerful and piercing presence in this film. 

Dorina, an aspiring singer, goes head to head with her idol Lavinia. They fight over the spotlight and over one man, Nico Escobar who’s played by Christopher De Leon. This film has the iconic water-splashing confrontation scene, some singing, romance, and two strong female characters. What’s not to love?

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Filipinas (dir. Joel Lamangan, 2003)

Homebound: What Movies to Watch on Studio B

“Walang magbabagong taon! Wala sa pamilyang ito ang magbabago!”

When you reunite a family with deep-seated resentment against each other, don’t expect a happy New Year. Filipinas showed how family reunions can be a recipe for drama and disaster. A standout in this star-studded movie is Maricel Soriano. She played Yolanda, a devoted daughter who took care of her mother while her siblings went abroad and pursued their dreams. She was left with the family business—cooking and bottling preserved sweets, and feelings of hurt and anger. Among the siblings, she carried the heaviest emotional baggage that she let loose in the film’s cathartic climax. Hence, the famous Walang Magbabagong Taon monologue. 

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Ang Probinsyano (dir. Fernando Poe Jr., 1997)

Homebound: What Movies to Watch on Studio B

Before Coco Martin dominated the primetime television, Fernando Poe Jr. was the original Kardo. FPJ also co-wrote, produced, and directed this movie. He played a cop who is seeking justice for the death of his twin brother. He must put behind bars the corrupt law enforcers who betrayed his brother and catch a drug syndicate. We love this action film because we can’t help but root for the law-abiding underdog. 

My favorite bit is FPJ’s awesome fighting style: lightning-fast punches on the abdomen and the unexpected crash cymbal-like slap on his enemy’s head.  

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Super B (dir. Joyce Bernal, 2002)

Homebound: What Movies to Watch on Studio B

If you ask me to name my favorite Pinoy superhero, it is without a doubt Super B (Rufa Mae Quinto). Bilma or Bi, a street food vendor turned superhero, must save the world against the villain—wait for it—the Flower Pot Girls (Melanie Marquez and Mylene Dizon). Her supercalifragilisticexpialidocious transformation alone can give Darna a run for her money. If Captain Barbel has to lift a barbell and Darna has to swallow a magic white stone to transform, Super B has to wear a magical ring, chant “I wanna be, I wanna be Super B,” and dance for one minute straight. It’s delightfully silly!

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Watch all the movies mentioned in this article on Studio B. Visit to sign up or download the free Studio B app on the App Store or Google Play. You can watch and replay your favorite movies because hey, admit it, some films require multiple viewings. Stay at home and binge-watch all you want. 

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