If you are new to this blog, you may not have seen our Best Version of Hue series, which focus on one particular color per article. Just click on the link if you’re curious. We’re reviving it here with the color orange even though we already have one for orange. I’m calling this one Orange Memories to tell them apart.

People say that we associate colors with memories just like we do with smells. The next paragraphs and short videos will show what my thought associations for the different orange hues are. We’ve kept the videos short and sweet because they are just catalysts that will hopefully awaken your own memories.

Mexican Spirit | BCP-0984

Our Mexican Spirit gives warm and fuzzy vibes like watching a marmalade kitty drinking his milk.

If you haven’t watched a cat go about his day, then you’re missing out. A cat is a great teacher on mindfulness, independence, play, and relaxation. These creatures ooze confidence and get fully immersed into what they’re doing at the present moment.

This orange tabby cat color called Mexican Spirit has brown tones in it and can make a room feel warm and welcoming. This color would look lovely in a living room, kitchen, or terrace—spaces where you can meet people socially. The cheerful vibe it brings is great for get-togethers. Compared to 2020, we are in also a much better space right now in the world when we can finally meet our loved ones and friends face to face. Give your rooms a makeover and surprise your beshies.

Boredom Buster | BCP-1032

Our Boredom Buster takes you on tropical dream flights.

I come from a place with so many beautiful beaches. Childhood weekends were usually spent by the sea. From sunup to sundown, those days spent by the sea gave such cozy feels. One of my fond memories is spending time with my extended family just frolicking in nature. Especially as a child when all I needed to do was to have fun and eat, it was my idea of heaven.

Boredom Buster has a glow about it, like the tawny colors of sunset when the world slows down, when the day releases its heat gently before night falls. This color would look good in the usual areas where people congregate in the home. If you have a family room, try this hue.

Orange You Happy | BCP-0970

Our Orange You Happy is as refreshing as oranges on a summer day.

We may not have orange oranges but we have dalanghita that have this kind of orange inside. Juicy, pulpy, full of fresh goodness. This is the same with Orange You Happy. This bright hue is bubbling with feel-good vibes of summer days when you have a cold and citrusy drink in hand as you laugh with friends at everything and nothing.

Have a room that needs to be drenched in cheerful sunshine? That place in the house that you call your own like a She Shed perhaps? Paint it with this hue to boost your creative energy. So if someone asks, “Orange You Happy?,” you can’t help answering with a resounding, “Yes, I am.”

Starfish | BCP-1047

Our Starfish gives you Lo-Fi beats of youthful dance moves.

These days Lo-Fi is brought back deliberately and it is quite nostalgic to those who experienced them for real when low fidelity sounds were the norm. There’s something relaxing about hearing the distortions and background noise from music that reminds you of those youthful rhythms that you you used to dance to.

Starfish is bright and bold with lots of red in it. If you want that kind of youthful energy in a room, plan with care where to paint it. Refrain from painting swathes of surfaces with it because it may get overwhelming. For a high contrast, you can pair it with its complementary color like deep bright blue or teal. Or you can splash it on an accent wall if you want to highlight an object or a dark corner. Or use this color together with a soft biscuit color to tone down its effect a bit.

Summer Memory | BCP-1052

Our Summer Memory reminds you of the innocence of first love.

First crush…first love…remember those? You may not remember the name of the person that brought you the magic but I hope you remember the butterflies-in-the-stomach feelings that it gave you.

Summer Memory has a peachy tone, like having orange and pink in one. Try this paint color instead of the usual blush or Barbie pink. It’s a mellow color that would look good in a kid’s room or even your own. Pair with cream or beige to give a restful ambience to the room. Or use mint green if you want something organic. For a romantic feel, try a pale dusky lavender for the color pairing. Feeling modern, yellow is an option. For this last pairing, it’s better to use it in another room like a home office or a study.

Weekender | BCT16-7711S

Our Weekender crackles with the energy of stories told in childhood.

Weekender—the stuff dreams are made of. Remember those childhood stories that have stayed with you through time? Those that have a bright energy that still have the power to fire your imagination. Here’s my wish for you: May your memories have a positive energy that help you live your best life.

Weekender has a young and bold flavor. These are for the young or young-at-heart who love adventure. Turquoise would be its perfect match. If you’re feeling bold, use it in your living room. Not so brave? Try the terrace. It’s always a good idea to be surrounded by bright colors when you have people visiting. Picture a boozy (or not), boisterous night with the barkada.

Look Through Your Own Memories

To find paint colors that would appeal to you, we have been recommending that you look at your wardrobe, makeup, or surf through images to find colors that appeal to you,  This is the first time we suggest that you look through your own memories and see what colors you’d like to explore further.

When you’ve honed in on a particular color, whether it be orange or something else, visit The Color Library in MOA Square and take your time looking at the Colorbooks on the shelves. It’s a great way to spend some time just discovering colors and how they appeal to you.

For more ideas about paint colors and color palettes, visit our Boysen Color Trend website.


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions (https://talkinglions.com). She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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