Do you know what your love language is? Google it! It’s a really helpful insight to how we prefer to receive and give love to our significant others, our friends, and our families. There are 5 love languages: words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and acts of service. In this article, we’ll tackle a simplified version of these 5 love languages, presented in a colorful way!

Words of Affirmation

Always make sure to communicate your love and appreciation for those whose love language are words of affirmation. A simple thank you really goes a long way. Give encouragements profusely and sincerely. Even if you guys can’t talk face to face as often because of the current situation of the world, call them using one of the many apps available today. They’ll really appreciate it!

We chose a blue palette for Words of Affirmation. Like the soothing shade of blue, words have an equally soothing power for those with this love language. It’s both calming and reassuring.

Physical Touch

The Love Languages as Color Palettes | MyBoysen

Yes, it means that but also much more than just matters of the bedroom. The love language physical touch goes beyond that. It’s giving long, warm hug to friends. It’s not forgetting to kiss your parent hello when you get home and holding hands with your significant other on errand dates. Show your love and appreciation through your body language.

A red palette seems like the perfect shade for Physical Touch. Red is the embodiment of warmth. It’s the comforting heat of a shared hug, a simple high five, or a passionate kiss.

Receiving Gifts

The Love Languages as Color Palettes | MyBoysen

People with “receiving gifts” as their love language should most definitely not be thought of as materialistic. It’s not about gifting them big ticket items. Though, there is nothing wrong with that too. It’s about getting them meaningful gifts. Maybe it’s something that reminded you of them, no matter how small the item is.

The sacred and spiritual purple serves as a background for the love language of receiving gifts. Again, it’s more than the monetary value of the gift, but the meaning behind it.

Quality Time

The Love Languages as Color Palettes | MyBoysen

Spending quality time in today’s fast-paced world is getting increasingly more difficult. Let’s not even mention the pandemic’s safety protocols. While planning special trips together will make your loved one’s heart soar, it’s more about giving them your full and undivided attention whenever you’re together. Put that phone down. Turn off that TV for a while. Really give your time to your loved one.

Just looking at the color green can lower your stress levels. What’s more, spending quality time with loved ones is also known to lower stress and increase your happy hormones.

Acts of Service

The Love Languages as Color Palettes | MyBoysen

Providing acts of services to your loved one is going out of your way to make their workload a little bit more bearable. Wash the dishes for them. Pack them lunch. Offer to give them a ride to and from their workplace. These “chores” seem so trivial. But for those whose love language is acts of service, it really goes a long way.

An optimistic shade of yellow goes well with the love language of acts of service. What’s the point of making the bed for your significant other everyday if you’re doing it with a scowl? Do all things with love.

Some Final Thoughts

Like how you can mix and match these colors to suit your taste and aesthetic, most people will identify with two or more love languages in this list. Take the time to sit down and figure these out with your significant other or loved one. I promise it’s worth it!

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