Just got engaged? Are you still riding that euphoric high from the surprise? If you’re itching to start planning your wedding, it might be good to start scouring the internet and building your wedding pinterest board with ideas. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family or throwing the biggest party of your life, we’re here to help you with what we know best—wedding color schemes!

Wedding Color Schemes

Color schemes play such a big role on your big day. It determines your flower arrangements, reception styling, to your entourages’ dresses. If you have a color in mind already, it pays to create a whole palette from your main shade. This gives depth and more flexibility when it comes to your styling options.

Previously, we’ve published jewel-toned wedding color schemes featuring brilliants hues akin to rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. This time around, let’s delve into the equally popular choice of pastel shades.

Blushing Bride

Wedding Color Schemes: Pretty in Pastels | MyBoysen

A lot of wedding trends come and go but a blush-toned color scheme never goes out of style. Tender pinks feels a lot like young love and new beginnings, the perfect hue for the beginning of forever. Adorn your bridal bouquet with fresh pink flowers—roses are always a good choice! If you have a lot of bridesmaids in your entourage, choose different shades of pink for each of them! This adds a touch of uniqueness for their chosen dresses and adds a lot of depth to group photos.

Serene in Sage

Wedding Color Schemes: Pretty in Pastels | MyBoysenSage green is the perfect hue if you’re looking for a rustic wedding vibe. For your ceremony styling, forego the colorful center arrangements and opt for an all-foliage one. Instead, among the spread of leaves, dot your guests’ tables with dainty white flowers like baby’s breath. If you can, get wooden tables and chairs to complete the look. Tie the look together by incorporating fairy lights in your reception venue.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue Wedding Color Schemes: Pretty in Pastels | MyBoysen

Planning a wedding is stressful, especially if you’re going invite a lot of guests! There’s a reason why you need at least a year of planning if you want to maintain your sanity. Keep your inner bridezilla (or groomzilla!) at bay by choosing a relaxing blue hue as your main wedding color scheme. This light and airy hue is perfect for garden weddings against the backdrop of a vast blue sky.

Some Final Notes

Interested in some of these wedding color schemes? Save the moodboard on your phone or pin it on your wedding pinterest board. It always helps to have a visual color reference for all your wedding collaterals to keep everything looking nice and cohesive. This goes for things such as wedding invites, entourage gowns, center floral arrangements, and even the souvenirs for your guests!

If you have any other questions on colors or inspirations, send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help. We wish you a happy (and chill!) wedding planning ahead!


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