You get a sense of deja vu by the time you reach your late twenties. When you scroll through social media, friend, after friend, after friend, after friend seems to be getting either engaged or married. It’s just like debut season all over again! Filipinos take weddings very seriously here. There are a lot of things to determine: wedding venue, reception, caterer, designer, florist, wedding coordinator, photographer, and the list goes on. But before we even get to decide on any of these, there’s one important matter that we have to finalize: wedding color schemes.

Sometimes, people go so far as to have a specific topic as their theme. I’ve heard of people doing Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Cinderella-themed weddings. Woah, right? But I hope you don’t feel pressured to have a very specific wedding theme, it could be as simple as a preferred color scheme. (Which is the more usual, tbh). There are literally tons of color schemes to choose from; but for now, let’s go with the super popular jewel-toned wedding color schemes.

Jewel-toned Wedding Color Schemes

Why jewel-toned? Yes, soft and muted pastels are also very popular choices as wedding color schemes. However, there’s just something about the stark contrast of an ivory white wedding gown of a bride versus the jewel-toned dresses of her entourage that makes the entrance (and more importantly, the photos) more dramatic!

An Emerald Experience

Jewel-toned Wedding Color Schemes | MyBoysen

Get whisked away to a lush tropical forest with emerald green as your color of choice. Have you watched Crazy Rich Asians? (If not, you should!) Our inspiration for this color scheme is Araminta Lee’s walk down the aisle. Think of the flowing water, the blades of grass lining the walkway, and the firefly-inspired decor! Match the emerald experience with donning an all-leaf bouquet to perfect the look.

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Sapphire Sophistication

Jewel-toned Wedding Color Schemes | MyBoysen

Sapphire’s wedding color scheme revolves around midnight blues and alluring silvers. These wedding colors are inspired by the deep blues of the ocean and the sky, perfect for an outdoor wedding by the beach or the lake. Choose rustic timber tables with dried palm fronds and sea shells as center pieces. Pair your beautiful silky wedding gown with an all-white flower ensemble for a dramatic effect against the dark blue accents.

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Revelries in Ruby

Jewel-toned Wedding Color Schemes | MyBoysen

Everyone looks good in ruby red velvet. Imagine a grand ballroom filled with beautiful red carnations and roses. Place silky white table runners with blooming, blush red roses in the middle of the round table. Accent it further with romantic tea candles or candelabras to finish off the look. Perfect for evening wedding celebrations.

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In Conclusion

Wedding planning is some tough work. It’s not for the faint-hearted. So, grab a steaming hot cup of coffee and buckle down to the job. Don’t forget to put on some nice relaxing tunes to ease your way through the process. Do you want us to tackle any more wedding color schemes? Write a comment down below or send us an email at Good luck!

(The photos used in this article were obtained from Unsplash from the following accounts: The Miscellanista, Artiom Vallat, Annie Spratt, Jacek Dylag, Christina Deravedisian, James Bold, Joshua Hoehne, and Jesse Goll.)


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