Still another interior design trend for 2024 is Bookshelf Wealth, and it is in fact, considered to be 2024’s major design trend. Books are used as a major design element in the home. This microtrend blew up especially for the Booktokers, a sub-community of Tiktokers that are into books and literature, and has hit most people’s Tiktok FYPs. So instead of the usual home accessories, people decorate their homes using books.

Book lovers may not consider Bookshelf Wealth a trend. They may probably have given their books a special place, designed around them, and consider the space a key area in their homes. But for those who are just learning to love reading books, or for those who follow interior design trends slavishly, this trend is another thing you can consider.

It is not limited to books though. Beloved knickknacks, mementos, or objets d’art that one holds dear may be included in the design. Also, one does not actually have to be a bibliophile. Trend followers just buy books because they would look good in their homes.  Let’s face it, books do give an aura of erudition and luxury.

Make Bookshelf Wealth Authentic

Photo by Mark Adriane on Unsplash

Using books to decorate the home is nothing new. Think of those who get these hefty coffee-table tomes that cost an arm and a leg, and pile them artfully on a coffee table.

For AD100 designer Justina Blakeney, “Bookshelf wealth is about authenticity and not so much about styling to create a specific look. It’s really about pulling together things that you love, things that you use for reference or inspiration, and has more to do with how you want to live in your home and the kind of things that you want to be surrounded by.” (Clever)

So for those who own books, now is your chance to curate and make your book stash look smashing. Scatter some comfortable couches and seats around, strategically place reading lamps, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful space to do serious cocooning.

Blog Posts on Home Libraries

Painting Ideas for Home Libraries

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Other Interior Design Trends

Aside from Bookshelf Wealth, there are many other interior design trends that may match your style more. You can check out other styles in this link. Like in any other endeavor in life, start with yourself. Find out first what your idea of home is and move from there. This way you are authentically expressing yourself when making your very own sanctuary.

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Enjoy creating a home that expresses the real you.



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