Whether you have a big lawn or a pocket garden, landscaping produces a huge impact in beautifying your home. And choosing the right plants is the key to effectively utilizing your space. Factors like clients’ vision and lifestyle, as well as terrain should be defined in determining your plant selection. Filling in a Big Yard The client: Bachelor with no children, with household help The terrain: Big front Yard Plants used: Mothers tongue (espada), Eugenia, Yellow pandan, picara, Spider lily, licuala and Peanut plant. Project duration: 1 week Rationale for plant selection: Since there are no children to use the space for recreation and given its sloping terrain, the idea is to turn it into a small field of plants to fill blank space and accent house design. Designing big spaces is a landscaper’s dream come true. The idea is to turn it into a vast garden. To achieve this,…