For this third episode of the eclectic garden, Pete shows us what steps he took to get himself organized. Watch the video below:

Click on the links to watch the other two episodes:

Vertical Bucket Garden
DIY Tool Rack

Tips for Organizing an Eclectic Garden

Here are the tips from Pete that can help you organize your seeds, schedules, lists, tools, plants, and more plants:

  1. Use a calendar or journal to make a system for all your gardening tasks
  2. Organize your seeds
  3. Use plant tags
  4. Hang your tools in a rack
  5. Always clean your tools before putting them away
  6. Maintain a clean and organized garden

Upcycling Boysen Paint Cans

Upcycling Boysen Paint Cans: Paint Pots to Plant Pots

You can use empty Boysen cans as plant pots, if you don’t want to store water in them or use them as bollards to protect parking areas.

If you are like Pete and want to use your empty cans as pots, please read this post. Don’t throw out the paint but use it in your other craft projects, like painting your plant tags for example. You can also transfer it to other containers like empty bottles or tin cans if you have not found any use for it just yet.

The next thing is to clean the cans. Do read the post to find out how you can do that. Only when the cans are clean can you bore holes at the bottom to drain excess water and prevent soil to become soggy. This helps prevent root rot.

Plants in the Home

Having plants in the home helps keep your air indoors clean. Just google to find out what plants NASA recommends to purify the air.

Got Greenery? 5 Home Color Ideas for Plant Lovers

If you are wondering what wall colors would look good with plants, the post above will show you what colors to get. You also have the paint names and codes to guide you, should a color take your fancy.

Having plants indoors became popular when people discovered their plantita/plantito powers during the pandemic. Gardening, after all, is a relaxing activity, something we all needed during the quarantine. In any case, we also need it now because urban living brings with it a lot of stressors.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is surrounding yourself with nature outside and inside your home. You can do it with plants, symbols of plants like in artworks, murals, or fabric patterns. Nothing beats the real thing though.

If you have the luxury of a garden, then you can also find ways to “extend” your living space to bring the outside in by having exterior domestic spaces.

Different Types of Exterior Domestic Spaces

There are many ways you can create one as you will find out from the post above (just click on the image).

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