In January, SM Home assistant vice president Tom Castaneda opened five room vignettes at the SM Home bridgeway in Makati featuring light and bright interiors to welcome the new year. This month, he changed everything and turned up the heat by painting the walls with three colors from the palette Maximal of Color Trend 2017. These are the intense hues of yellow and blue called Tuscan Sun and Designer Denim, respectively, and a cool greyish-green named High Society.

Palette Maximal, Color Trend 2017

Tom worked together with stylist Leona Laviña-Panutat to create what he called the “Looks of Love.” You won’t see any reds but the intensity is there! Here are the two friends taking a short rest in the middle of all the flurry.

Boysen x SM Home: Featuring Colors Tuscan Sun, Designer Denim and High Society
Leona Laviña-Panutat and Tom Castañeda
Boysen x SM Home: Featuring Colors Tuscan Sun, Designer Denim and High Society
Tom Castañeda and Leona Laviña-Panutat

Kitchen, Dining Room and Home Office

Tom designed the kitchen, dining room and home office spaces, and used vivid wall colors. He painted the kitchen and dining room walls with the fierce yellow of Tuscan Sun. For the home office, he combined Tuscan Sun with the deep, dark blue of Designer Denim to create an accent wall.

Like a dervish, he styled these three vignettes in just a few hours. See how the wall colors are subtly repeated in the furniture and accessories.

Bedroom and Living Room

Leona picked up the blue color and painted the bedroom wall with Designer Denim. This color works for a bedroom because it makes the space look dark and cozy, perfect for cocooning and deep slumber.

For the living room, Leona deviated from the blue and yellow theme, and painted a greyish-green hue called High Society. This color provides the living room with a more relaxed ambience. However, she does tie it in with the other room vignettes by choosing throw pillows with blues and yellows.

Bright Colors are Trending

Using bright colors for walls is trending around the world and in the Philippines as well. Millennials especially are not timid about using more intense hues. More and more people are comfortable with expressing their individuality, and colors are one way of doing that.

Styling tip: Balance your walls’ saturated hues with light neutrals in your furniture and home accessories. Look at the photos above and see the choices for rugs, fabrics, furniture, blonde wood, kitchen china, and cabinetry.

Visit the SM Home bridgeway in Makati to see the room sets. Get inspired. Don’t wait too long though because the Boysen x SM Home collaboration is on a roll, and we’ve got many other things lined up for you this year!

For the outdoorsy type who wants to bring the blues of Boracay and Bohol into your kitchen, here’s a brightly intense blue from the Boysen Color Trend 2017 called Rebel Yell.

This is a kitchen for those people who may love food but do not want to spend too much time indoors to prepare it themselves. Give them a great coffeemaker and a small fridge, a few dishes, and that would be enough. They have better things to do, adventures to take, new worlds to conquer.

This kitchen vignette is one of five under the concept Complete Your Home, an inspired idea from Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing of SM Home.

Steal some ideas for your own kitchen and visit this exhibit in the bridgeway at the 5th floor of SM Makati on or before August 31.

The Boysen Color Trend 2017 has many blues – all bold, buoyant and beautiful.

For this month’s SM Home’s Complete Your Home, Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing, chose three:

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell belongs to the palette Maximal. It has the bright, intense blue of lapis lazuli. Rebel Yell was used to paint the kitchen vignette, giving energy to the space, which is very fitting for a place where food is prepared, food being the fuel required by all of us to keep living full lives.

Designer Denim

Used in the living room vignette, Designer Denim is even deeper in color than Rebel Yell. It is a bold color, dark in hue but not sombre.  Paired with light warm greys and a muted orange, the living room becomes a place where you can relax and find your balance.

Space Encounter

Space Encounter, the lightest blue in the trio, has a tinge of grey. This color is used in two vignettes, the bedroom and the home office.

In the bedroom, the feeling you get is one of buoyancy, a place of rest and feather-light dreams.

Space Encounter in the home office is used together with other colors in the Technology palette – Shimmer Shake, Techy Romantic, and Crystal Sparkle. With all four as your wall colors, you’d expect some jarring notes. But in this case, you get a place that invites you to do your creative best in your work.

I’ll be writing more about the new look of Complete Your Home in the coming weeks, to show you that with a change of colors and different furnishings, you get a totally different look-and-feel to any space. The vignettes are on show at SM Home in the bridgeway at the fifth floor of SM Makati until the end of August.

“Wait for us!”

I helplessly called out to my younger cousins who were already lost in the maze of colorful blocks, which, up until then, they had only seen on iPad screens while playing Minecraft. Who could blame them for being so eager? Against the pale whites of the mall’s walls and floors, the vibrant fortress that was the Boysen Mix and Match Color Play set-up drew kids and grown-ups alike into a playground of blocks and paint, a free-of-charge opportunity to have some fun and to showcase creativity.

Awaken the Child

Walking into the color maze, you’ll find large glass cubes filled with shapes of different colors; once you’ve chosen four, you’ll be lead into an open space with stations of paints and brushes at your disposal.

If you’re looking for a way for your kids to get off of their screens, then Boysen ColorPlay is it. Whether it’s carefully painting on their favorite cartoon characters or dipping the blocks straight into the paint, the activity is a great outlet for children’s creativity.

This isn’t to say that adults won’t have a little fun of their own. For serious artists, four blocks and a few cans of paint are more than enough to create an Instagram-worthy work of art. For the not-so-serious, it’s a simple avenue for self-expression, and makes for great family bonding time. (And great selfies too; you can take your own polaroids once you’re finished.)


Discover the Designer

More than just being a fun form of creative expression, Boysen ColorPlay provides insights into one’s inclination for design by taking a look at which palettes you are drawn to. Do you prefer the warm atmosphere that Tradition provides, or the chill vibe of Technology ? Do you identify with the understated Minimal, or does the loudness of Maximal speak to you? These are important questions for people putting together their own place, and Boysen ColorPlay activities and booklets can help with finding the answers.

Boysen ColorPlay also lends its Virtual Reality (VR) set for those looking for a more in-depth experience with the palettes. With the Boysen VR App, you’re transported into sample rooms created to represent each palette, with new virtual rooms released every month. It’s particularly useful for architects and interior designers who want to see how the color themes could be utilized in the real world.

A splash of color is never a bad thing; whether you’re looking for a way to bring out that inner child of yours, or are out to find the palette for the perfect interiors for you, Boysen’s ColorPlay is something you should definitely see for yourself.

You’ll find Boysen Color Play in Robinsons Metro East on June 16 to 18. Drop by with the family and have a lot of fun!

Maximal is an exuberant palette, one of the four comprising the Boysen Color Trend 2017.

The jewel tones of blue, yellow, red and pink invite the intrepid individual to create a space celebrating his or her individuality. Maximal includes a  light grey to provide the rest amidst this color explosion.

Bold, vibrant, and flamboyant, it takes its inspiration from florals.


At first glance, it would seem that Maximal is a feminine palette. Think of a doyenne’s domain or a precocious girl’s boudoir, or the living space of a woman in her prime who plays by her own rules. But what makes this palette versatile is that men can use it too, if they have developed the refinement to mine its masculine undertones, or if they have the self-assurance to show their feminine side.

Tired of playing it safe? Use this palette with no fear, no apologies.

There are four palettes in Color Trend 2017 – Tradition, Technology, Maximal and Minimal.

Click the link to find out more about Color Trend 2017, or download the brochure.