So you were walking inside this ultra-chic store, and your eyes settle on this awesome piece of chair art by Philippe Starck, and you whisper to yourself, “Got to have that.” As you were pulling out your often-used checkbook, voila! … you unexpectedly wake up from your magnificent daydream! Oh well, welcome to your real world of monobloc chairs.

Such is the story of not a few of us, wanting to have that extra oomph of branded somethings to elevate our space into one that the next set of titas parading in their Birkin purses would die for. Aspiring for the high-end stuff is one thing, actually acquiring them is something that many of us mere mortals could only dream about.

Buying that branded bag, errr…that luxury purse, was something that you just had to do, which now doesn’t leave you much room for finer home decorating.  What to do, what to do? How do you make your place have more ‘elan’, to match your oh-so-discriminating tastes? Hmmm, the old saying goes if there’s a will, there’s a way. Indeed, there is a more sosyal, yet ‘i-will-stick-to-my-budget-till-kingdom-come’ way.

No worries, here are tips to cheat your way into living it big in your pseudo-alta home without necessarily breaking the bank.

1. Keep it clean, baby.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Sosyal’ Than It Really Is

What can I say?  Clean is classy. Anything becomes more beautiful when it’s clean. One BFF once noted that very rarely does she get to enter a house of her friends, and not get shookt with the toys and whathaveyous she usually finds scattered in their litter-glory in her friends’ living rooms. Her take—‘sayang ang ganda ng bahay, natabunan na ng kalat.’ She did say my living room was one of the cleanest – yas! I’m certified sosyal! Lol!  So you wanna keep it stylish? C-l-e-a-n is the way to go.

2. Keep the colors neutral. Accentuate only.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Sosyal’ Than It Really Is

“But I’m a color lover!” Ok, we get it, you love colors and by all means color away, that is if you envision your abode to be your personal clubbing spot, instead of a private restful sanctuary. Why not get the best of both worlds? Strike a balance by painting your home with neutrals and accentuate with splashes of striking colors. This should create for a more cohesive and unified look. If the urge to throw caution to the wind is too strong, and your electric personality cannot be stopped, then go ahead and party with colors. Just don’t forget to tone down on the furniture.

3. Upsize your interior elements.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Sosyal’ Than It Really Is

Good news, upsizing is not limited to your fast food orders, it’s applicable to your decors too. Whether it be wall elements, or an interior décor, the tried and tested rule is that BIG creates more immediate impact. Imagine a guest entering your home, and she makes a quick scan of your living room, noting the couch, the center table, the flooring, the plant, that small painting. Now, imagine the same guest as she enters your house, and immediately her eyes are riveted to that huge painting or interesting wall element you bought on sale, and she goes, ‘Wow! Nice living room!’ Now you get the picture?

4. Rugs communicate riches.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Sosyal’ Than It Really Is

Now I’m not really a fan of rugs or carpets, but if it can help upgrade your home’s look, then get one…pronto! Rugs and carpets can be a major focal point to complete an area’s look, or they can also be used to neutralize or tone down a room that seems to have so many things going on at the same time. Just be sure about the maintenance and care that you give it, with lots of TLC.

5. Make soft investments, I meant the throw pillows.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More ‘Sosyal’ Than It Really Is

This means literally throwing in the throw pillows to add some colors, or to unify a certain look and feel. These huggables are probably the quickest and most budget-friendly way you can upgrade your home into posh levels. You can easily spot some attention-grabbing colors and designs for less than P200, and they’re readily available in major malls.

Remember, it does take some effort and money to look expensive. But it can be done for a fraction of the steep price. If you have to choose, choose wisely. It’s not about the brand, it’s about the craftsmanship. Not the super low sale, but the long-term investment. And finally, if it does not look good with the rest (of the interiors), well, time to give it a rest.

All classy chutzpah considered, nothing beats being true to yourself. Life is, after all, a matter of good taste. Ta ta!


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