The latest Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 ASCENSION has four color palettes—Awakening, Alchemy, Abundance, and Artistry. We made animated stories for each palette that show the colors, but more importantly, that tell the sentiment behind the color palette. What is the ethos of each palette? This animated story is for Alchemy.

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it, if we could awaken every morning with great enthusiasm to greet the new day. But there would be days when the zest for life disappears, and we have no inspiration to do even the things that we love to do. Just keep this thought in mind though: the ebb is part of life, just like the flow is.

When you hit the doldrums, or worse, when you feel that you are falling into a black hole, it is good to openly talk to people you trust about what’s bothering you. At the very least, go out…into nature, if there’s that possibility…let the sun shine on you, move your body, get the blood flowing.

The Story of Alchemy

The main character in this short animation is a female musician, whose inspiration to write songs has dried up. Like her, you can look to your past to see if something that happened still hounds you to this day and prevents you from living your best life. It doesn’t have to be major. Sometimes, it is as simple as words spoken by someone.

I saw this video recently of a contestant in a famous talent show. She had absolutely no confidence when she came out on stage. But when she opened her mouth and sang, the full theater was quiet, only to erupt in a standing ovation when she finished. And as if the first ovation was not enough of a response, the audience rose to their feet again and gave her a second one. One of the judges asked her if she was ever told that she couldn’t sing. She answered yes to that question. It took her a lot of courage to sing to thousands of people in the theater, and millions more watching on TV. But with that response to her audition, the spell she was under was broken.

Talking about spells, I want to share something I find interesting from bestselling American author Caroline Myss:

Back in the medieval days of witches and warlocks and caldrons and wizards and all those great characters who lived in caves and forests, spells – or curses – were “power thoughts” capable of penetrating into the unconscious of an individual, taking control over all conscious thought form. Alchemical potions were often used as conduits or carriers of these “power thoughts”, and we still use this method. Drugs that engage hallucinations, for example, make the mind very receptive to suggestive thought invasions, as does too much alcohol. So, as you can see, nothing much has changed….except the dates on the calendar. We still use drugs and alcohol to establish moods with people when we want to “get a point across” or “manipulate” our power position over theirs….in other words, when we want to cast a spell. The only things that have changed is that we no longer call it like it is, which (witch) is to say, admit we are about to “cast a spell” on someone and, unlike the witches and alchemists of old, we have indoor plumbing.

Be careful about possible spells that people cast on you. Don’t buy into them. And be careful about casting spells on people, especially those you cast on yourself.

Alchemy Color Palette

Color Trend 2024-2025: ASCENSION | MyBoysen

Alchemy is a transformative practice. Its influence can change your life.

The intensity of alchemy itself is reflected in the jewel tones of the color palette. Dramatic and bold, these hues are definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s for the seasoned designers and architects, who know how to balance these colors in a home to create a sophisticated and elegant abode.

However, if you want to give these colors a try but you lack color savvy, take this palette on with caution. It is best to sample the colors first by getting 200 mL pots. Read this guide to testing paint color samples in a room.

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