Are you looking for a color palette that invites you to embrace nature and be in the moment? The Be Here palette of Color Trend 2018 is my favorite. I usually go for subdued colors. However, for this year’s Color Trend, I find the dusky mauves Root Crop and Gypsy Train, the deep green of Forest Ranger, the burnt yellow of Yellowstone Park, and the neutrals Marble Chalk and inky Night Watch, so attractive.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint

What draws me to this palette is its organic feel. With these colors you are inviting nature in, in a subtle way, and are giving your space a grounded vibe.

Embrace Nature in Your Living Room

Professional stylist Love Ocampo designed the living room in SM Home’s March room sets. She used a grey sofa to contrast with the deep green wall. You could see the same grey in the swirls and veins of a white marble center table, as well as the grey round side table.

The geometric black and white lines and patterns on the rugs, the throw, and the cushion covers add energy and excitement to the interior. The textures of the fabrics also add visual weight to the room, making the space more intimate and welcoming. The rough textures are a great counterpoint to the smooth marble of the table tops. Indoor plants emphasize the room’s organic feel.

Note how the yellow accent cushion in an ethnic pattern gives the space a dash of flair. This sunshine splash of color ties the whole room together and gives it that added zing.

New Room Vignettes

SM Home’s assistant vice president for Marketing Tom Castaneda is making new room vignettes for even more inspiration. Watch this space for further announcements.


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