People have been asking us in social media when we were going to come out with the Boysen Color Trend 2020 palettes. Unlike other companies, our tradition is to launch Boysen Color Trend in March. Visit us at the Interior & Design Manila from March 12 to 14 at the SMX Convention Center to see what the four color palettes—ORIGINS, NOSTALGIA, KINSHIP, and META—look like.

The Artwork for the META Palette

The META palette is an uber-cool mix of colors for complex and refined tastes, which embody the ideas behind the words


That is the ethos behind META, the coming together of technology and innovation to serve humankind and our habitat. We need that now more than ever at this time of our existence.

Talking about her work, the artist said,

The idea behind META is fluidity. The artwork has two explorers delving deep into blackness to search for answers and solutions. Design elements represent the digital age, but they are undefined and abstract, because they transform together with our evolution as a species.

What is also interesting is the surreal scene of astronauts, as they explore what could be the depths of the ocean or the expanse of outer space. They float underwater with sea creatures. The clash of two environments create this dreamlike quality in the artwork. It also brings to mind a quote attributed to the ancient mystic Hermes Trismegistus, “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

How do we live harmoniously with other living creatures and protect Mother Earth? Are the answers to contemporary conundrums out there in the world or inside us? Should we approach our human issues with a meta mindset and think that there are no dualities but just parts of one?

The Colors of the META Palette

META Palette in Boysen Color Trend 2020
Disclaimer: Swatches may not match the actual paint colors.

There is a healing quality to the colors of META, which is a combination of mostly cool colors—Voice Command, Limitless, Night Mode, Tokyo by Night, and Boundless—with the warm sienna of Morning Podcast.

These colors would work well with many interior styles but for the brochure, we’ve chosen modern, edgy interiors that use not only lines but also curves in the architectural features and furniture.

Visit the META web page click on this link. Better yet, visit us in IDM to get a brochure.

Visit Boysen Color Stories in IDM

Mark your calendar for March 12 to 14, and visit the Boysen Color Stories booth at the Interior & Design Manila at the SMX Convention Center. You will get the chance to experience the paint colors of Boysen Color Trend 2020, all 24 of them, if that’s what you want.

There will be four huge murals, each one representing a color palette. You will get a chance to paint a part of one mural or of all four. Maybe you will even discover what your favorite color would be.

If you can’t make it for IDM, the next chance will be during Worldbex on March 18 to 22 at the World Trade Center.

Do follow our FB page so you will know where and when we will be having the Boysen Color Stories this year.

UPDATE on March 10, 2020

Both IDM and Worldbex organizers issued statements that the exhibitions will be postponed to a later unspecified date because of the declaration of a state of public health emergency (due to COVID-19) throughout the country by the President of the Philippines. We will keep you informed.

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