Repeat after me: Boysen Plexibond is a specially formulated water-based acrylic polymer designed for mixing with Portland cement. Again, it isn’t a stand-alone product.

Every week, we receive the same inquiry about Plexibond, so for this post, we’re emphasizing this one important point: NO, YOU CAN’T USE BOYSEN PLEXIBOND ON ITS OWN. Just like cookies and cream, Plexibond and Portland cement must be mixed thoroughly (we’ll get into the details later) for it to function effectively. Yes, I said cookies and cream.

For starters, read this article to know more about our featured product:

Product Highlight: Boysen Plexibond

How to Use Boysen Plexibond

We’ve extracted some essential details from the article above so you can have a second look. When starting any paint project, the first step is to always prepare the bare concrete properly. Remember that surface preparation is the fine line that separates success from a big flop. Next up, wet the area that is directly exposed to the sun. While waiting for the surface to dry, proceed to preparing the mixture of Boysen Plexibond and Portland cement. Here’s how:

Slowly mix 6.5-7.5 kilograms of sifted cement to a 4L gallon of Boysen Plexibond and then constantly stir the mixture either manually or with an electric mixer to prevent lumping.

The cementitious waterproofing system provided by the mixture eliminates any cement plastering defects while providing it with durability and an enhanced appearance. It forms a seamless, non-porous, and impenetrable layer that disperses any liquid upon contact, preventing any water seepage when applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. But, note that the cementitious coating can only cover hairline cracks but will not bridge gaps and active structural cracks. If you find such major damages, repair immediately using suitable sealants, or call a professional.

Once everything’s set, you can start the application. Follow the painting process mentioned in the article for both vertical and horizontal surfaces as to not cause any troubles. For maximum durability, use a compatible topcoat. You can choose from these Boysen products:

No, You Can't Use Boysen Plexibond on Its Own | MyBoysen

Dos and Don’ts

We’ve also written about Boysen Plexibond Dos and Don’ts based on frequently asked questions. Click the image to read the article.

No, You Can't Use Boysen Plexibond on Its Own | MyBoysen

Aside from questions asking us about whether or not you can use Plexibond without cement (again, you can’t), another question that pops up often is if it can be applied on previously painted surfaces—the answer is NO. Since it is a mixture of acrylic polymer and cement, it weighs heavier than a usual coating. To serve its purpose for a long time, it needs a bare and sturdy surface to adhere to. If you must, scrape off the existing paint and prepare the surface properly before applying Plexibond to ensure a leak-proof paint job. Just a reminder too, Plexibond as a waterproofing system is suggested to be used on concrete substrates ONLY for the same reason stated above.

Important tips

Lastly, we have here some technical tips for you to use:

  • Reinforce joints, corners, cracks, and areas that are prone to movement with a strip of fiberglass matting. It acts as the reinforcing membrane that gives support to flexible coatings such as the Boysen Plexibond.
  • To use, put on the matting immediately after the second coat while the mixture is still wet, and let the matting stick to the mixture. Wait for it to completely dry before applying the succeeding coatings.
  • To prevent future damage, wait for a day before applying a bond coat by brushing Boysen Plexibond straight from the can prior to laying out the mortar topping.

For questions, please call our Technical team at (02) 363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours or write an email to


Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.


  1. Pano po pag makinis ang flooring? need pa rin po ba mag halo ng cement sa plexibond waterproofing

    • An email was sent to you yesterday, as follows:

      Thank you for your message and for following us at Let it B.

      Para sa iyong project, clarification lang:
      1. Saan po ang location ng sahig (ex: CR floor / Roofdeck)?
      2. Saan po nanggagaling ang tubig (ex: shower / ulan)?
      3. May existing na waterproofing system at/o pintura na ba ito?
      4. Kung meron, anong specific na produkto ang ginamit dati?
      5. May naexperience na bang water seepage recently?

      Please reply to

  2. Good day po!

    Ano po pwede gawin kung sa negative side ng wall po? sa loob ng bahay kasi yung kabila hindi na ma-access dahil sa katabing bahay? salamat po

    • Para sa iyong project, wala po kaming produkto na babagay sa iyong requirements.

      Advisable na kumonsulta sa mga professionals tulad ng waterproofing experts o contractor para sigurado ang pag-aayos ng iyong problema at para sa waterproofing alternatives.

  3. What happens if
    1. The cement you mixed is less than what is required
    2. You mixed too much cement

    • Mixing less or more cement than the recommended quantity to BOYSEN Plexibond may affect the waterproofing capabilities of the product.

      Kindly follow the suggested quantity of 6.5 to 7.5 kg of Portland Cement to 4-Liters of BOYSEN Plexibond. Also remember to apply 2 – 3 coats of the BOYSEN Plexibond mixture when used on a vertical surface and 4 – 5 coats when used on a horizontal surface.

      Click here for product details and instructions of BOYSEN Plexibond:

  4. Chona Cloa Reply

    Puede bang skim coat ang ihalo sa Plexibond instead of portland cement? mas matibay po ba ito.? O mas matibay ba kung e skim coat muna yong wall bago ipahid ang plexibond mixed with portland cement.?

    • Hi Chona,

      This is the reply from our technical team—

      “Hindi po pwede. Ang BOYSEN Plexibond ay formulated na haluan ng Portland Cement only. Maghalo ng 6.5 to 7.5 kg ng semento sa 4 Liters ng BOYSEN Plexibond.

      Para sa skimcoat, magkaiba po ang purpose nito sa BOYSEN Plexibond. Ang skimcoat ay pinapahid sa bare concrete walls bilang alternative plastering para kuminis ito. Ang BOYSEN Plexibond naman ay waterproofing sytem.

      Kung gusto mo pong pakinisin muna ang pader bago magpahid ng BOYSEN Plexibond, rinirikomenda namin na gumamit ng acrylic skimcoat, tulad ng Konstrukt Permaplast K-201 High Performance Acrylic Skimcoat.”

      Just in case meron ka pang mga tanong, please call (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours and talk to our technical staff.

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