If you’re a little daunted about using Plexibond, Boysen’s cementitious waterproofing system, we’re here to help. The Boysen Technical Service Department has a few insider tips for you to make its use and application stress-free.

Use a Power Mixer and Stir Often

Boysen Plexibond is mixed with Portland cement before use. In case you need a refresher, it’s 6.5 to 7.5 kgs of cement for every 4 liters of Plexibond.

Although you can mix by hand, the job is made easier with a machine like a power mixer because you want to make sure you don’t get any lumps. It also saves you time and effort if you have a lot of area to cover. When it comes to consistency, using Plexibond should feel like you’re applying any other paint.

When you’re already working on applying it on your surface, remember to keep stirring your Plexibond mixture every so often. Do this to avoid settling of the product.

Boysen Plexibond: Expert Tips for Easier Use and Application | MyBoysen

Dampen Your Surface

When working outside on a hot and sunny day, you may notice the Plexibond coat you’ve applied already cracking. The harsh conditions are causing abrupt drying. To prevent this from happening, dampen the concrete surface first with water. You can do this by taking a clean roller, dipping it in water, and rolling it on the surface before applying Plexibond.

Work Within the Pot Life

Avoid wasting product. Before and while you work, keep in mind that the pot life of the resulting Plexibond and cement mixture is only 2 hours. Because of this, a smart way to work is to mix only what you can apply within the 2-hour pot life. After the allotted time, your mixture will not have the right consistency for application and can even be difficult to apply already.

Boysen Plexibond: Expert Tips for Easier Use and Application | MyBoysen

Installing Tiles? Apply Evenly

A popular use for Plexibond is for waterproofing bathrooms. Areas that come in direct contact with water, like the shower area, will benefit from an extra layer of protection. And yes, you can use Plexibond for interior applications, not just exteriors.

When you know you’ll be installing tiles on top of Plexibond, it’s best to aim for a smooth finish. This is so you have an even surface to work with when it’s time to place your tiles. Don’t be tempted to mix Plexibond with tile grout, or anything other than Portland cement either. You won’t get the result you’re hoping for.

You Can Also Apply with a Textured Roller

You can apply Plexibond with a brush to achieve a smooth finish. If you don’t mind an orange peel finish, you can also opt to use a textured roller to make application go a little bit faster and easier. You’ll need to apply one coat if you’re using it on vertical surfaces and 3 to 5 coats by brush or 2 to 3 coats by roller on horizontal surfaces. Recoat interval is 2 hours.

Want to learn more about Plexibond? Feel free to look through the Plexibond tag on Myboysen.com.

If you have any questions or inquiries about Boysen products, our technical team will be happy to assist you. Send an email to ask@myboysen.com or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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  1. hellow. good day. I’m just asking because the boysen flexibond that was applied to the outside of our house was not cemented. Now I want to paint it. won’t the paint peel off? on the flexibond that was applied? thank you

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