Imagine how lucky you must be if you are a freshman in college and this pretty pink condo is your home. Not for you the trials and tribulations of going to a dorm and sharing a room, bathroom and toilet with strangers, while trying to navigate the new everything in your life – classes, teachers, classmates, school policies and procedures, lifestyle, the lay of the land…

This 28-sqm pink condo was designed by Gila Salvador, owner of Madhouse Design Studio and designer/contractor for one of the condos we wrote about in one of the popular posts in this blog. There was a lot of interest for it because of the amazing job she did in transforming a 22-sqm condo to fit a family of 5!

The proud resident of this pink studio is an 18-year old girl who goes to college in Manila. Her indulgent parents had this cozy haven made for her and her siblings who would be joining her in the future.

The Choice of Pink

A College Student's Pretty Pink Condo

Gila said, “The client wanted a mix of modern and Parisian with touches of pink.” I guess there’s nothing more Parisian than the gold Eiffel Tower decor on one of the walls. Gila calls this design the Classic Chic Finish with the pink furnishings against white with touches of grey.

A College Student's Pretty Pink Condo

This condo reminds me of the movie Legally Blonde in 2001 with Reese Witherspoon playing the part of the main lead Elle Woods, who usually dressed in different shades of pink. Not only her clothes but her résumé too got the pink treatment as in this scene:

Harvard Law Professor: “You’re applying for my internship, aren’t you? Do you have a resume?”
Elle Woods: “Yes, I do. Here it is. It’s pink. And it’s scented. I think it gives it a little something extra.”

“A little something extra.” That is definitely what the Gila’s pink color choice gives this studio.

“These nuances bring out a lot of feelings in people. It is a very positive and calming color,” explains Normann Copenhagen’s Brand Manager. “With the right nuances and styling, pink can be very exclusive, classic and sophisticated,” Britt Bonnesen goes on, highlighting pink as a trend color for 2017.

Pink in the Past and Now

Pink is hot in fashion, in interior design, even in technical products like phones, refrigerators and cars to name a few. Millennial Pink was such a trendy color in 2016 that most brides chose this hue as the motif for their weddings.

Pink has been around for a long time. Housewives in the 50s chose pink refrigerators or other pink kitchen appliances. Over the years, pink has been moving in and out as a trend in fashion, interiors and product design, but it has never gone out of style. In 2015, Apple came out with the pink (rose gold) iPhone. It’s now 2018 and pink is as hot as ever.

Boysen has carried several pinks since we started Color Trends in 2015.

A College Student's Pretty Pink Condo

Madhouse Design Studio

For this 28-sqm studio, it took Gila and her team 45 days to finish construction. Gila said, “The clients loved the outcome and are really happy with the result.”

Gila’s tips in designing this type of space:

  • In designing small spaces you have to consider first how many people will be staying and how you can make their beds fit into the space.
  • 2nd are the wants and needs (dining area, larger kitchen, study table) and you take these and try to fit these in the space that are left around the sleeping areas.
  • Once the layout is final, you can now add details and designs.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

For such a project, it is better to go to an expert to help you because it’s not only the layout that is crucial, also the custom-fit furniture can make or break the design. Gila has a skilled team to make her designs work.

I’ve never met Gila but she amazes me with her entrepreneurial spirit.. For someone so young, she has been managing several businesses. Just recently she partnered up with an investment specialist for a developer’s township in Antipolo. Her offer? If you buy land through the investment specialist, you will get your house designed for FREE by Madhouse Design Studio.

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