I was in Bantayan, Cebu. I took some photos and videos of the mornings when I enjoyed watching the sun rise and breathing in the very fresh, moist sea breeze. Five was the best time to stake out a place in the sand, just to make sure that I was calm and comfortable when the main event happened usually at 5:30 AM or thereabouts.  There was something soothing about watching the sun as it rose out of the horizon and moved up and up, changing the colors of the world. All the time, the gentle waves lapping on the beach made this rhythmic and restful background sound.

There were two distinct palettes — the fiery orange and gold where the sun was, and the lambent blues of that part of my view which the sun had brought light but not yet its fire.

Fiery Orange and Gold

This palette is so full of life and warmth, perfect for an indoor space where you do a lot of entertaining. These colors exude energy and anyone entering a space with these colors can immediately feel a warm welcome.  You could have this in the living room, the kitchen, or even in a veranda.


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Lambent Blues

If you want a place of calm and serenity, use this palette. You can use these colors for a bedroom. If you’re the type to want to immediately feel an embracing peace when you enter your living space, then go for these colors in your living room or hallway.


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Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Look Around for Your Own Color Inspirations

Anywhere you are, you can always be inspired by your surroundings. Are you thinking of changing the colors of your home or office? Be more aware of how colors work together and how you feel about them while you go about your day. It could be a shop or a resto you see in the mall, or some flowers that catch your attention while you’re walking through a park, or even just a cover of a book.

Delight in the colors around you just like I did when I was in Bantayan.

For more color inspirations, go to this link. There are nearly 150 articles you can browse and get inspired by.


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