Boysen launched Color Stories, its latest exhibition booth, in Interior & Design Manila which will run from March 7 to 9 at the SMX Convention Center.

Color Stories is Boysen's Exhibition Booth in 2019

Color Stories is Boysen's Exhibition Booth in 2019

The booth Color Stories has a minimalist design with lots of open spaces. Boysen chose four Filipino artists to make their creative interpretation of the personality of the color palette given to them – ENGAGE, ENABLE, ENLIGHTEN, ENCHANT – from the Boysen Color Trend 2019.

Like other Boysen booths since 2016, Color Stories is very interactive. This means that visitors get to paint on huge canvases. Choose the color palette that appeals to you, line up, paint on the canvas and personally experience the paint colors. What better way to make your choice on what wall color you’d like your living space to have, right?

Color Lab in 2016

Color Stories is Boysen's Exhibition Booth in 2019

After decades in the paint manufacturing business (Boysen is 65 years old after all), the company disrupted the exhibition scene in 2016 by drastically moving away from the usual display of (new) products. Instead, the first-ever Boysen interactive booth called Color Lab just presented a twisting line of open cans of paint, dressed up visitors in aprons to protect their clothes, gave them swatchsicles (stylized wooden sticks) to dip in the paint colors which appealed to them. They were then led to an area where their swatchsicles were dried, then turned into bookmarks, key chains or bag tags which they could take home with them.

Color Play in 2017

Color Stories is Boysen's Exhibition Booth in 2019

In 2017 visitors saw the launch of Color Play, stacked cubes with fun patterns and colors. But even early this year, two years after the launch the colorful cubes still goes around the country in exhibitions and other spaces like malls and schools, providing a space for people to get together and unleash their creative selves.

Like in Color Lab, visitors can experience the paint colors up close because they could choose wooden shapes on which they could paint their chosen colors. Some artists made the wooden shapes works of art.

Boysen also introduced the VR booths where visitors can use VR glasses to see how the color palettes of Color Trend 2017 could be used in interior spaces. If you’re interested to do that, visit Boysen VR and download the app.

Color Perspectives in 2018

Color Stories is Boysen's Exhibition Booth in 2019

The booth Color Perspectives in 2018 was about immersion. There was no actual painting. Instead visitors entered a world of color in the different rooms they entered.

Color Stories in 2019

The booth Color Stories appears for the first time in the Interior & Design Manila. On March 13 to 17, you can catch it in Worldbex at the World Trade Center. Then it will make the rounds in different places and cities around the Philippines for the rest of the year.

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