Why would Alex need a crate shelf anyway? Remember that classic British red telephone kiosk souvenir that Alex found at the bottom of a box under the sofa in a previous episode? She fished it out coz she decided it needed to take its rightful place in her living room. But where?

By the way, if you ever find yourself in London, take some selfies beside this iconic telephone box. They’re found all over the city. Then once you’re home, you can clip one picture of that on your photo string board to remind you of that cold, foggy morning as you walked out of the underground to Covent Garden.

Crate Shelf

Go to your neighborhood fruit stand and get yourself some wooden crates. Choose good ones meaning that the wood is dry and the crate is sturdy because you need to stack them. Get clean ones, sand them and clean them some more.

Materials used for surface preparation and painting:
Plasolux Glazing Putty to even out surfaces
Flatwall Enamel for priming
Quick Drying Enamel for color

For her shelf, Alex chose the colors Nile Green and Emerald Green. These are great colors to use as backdrop for her red telephone box souvenir which takes pride of place.

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