We’re in the last stretch of the first quarter of the year. How have you been? How have you been handling the goals that you set for yourself during the start of the year? This article is a gentle and friendly reminder that life is not a race. Before we embark on another month, let’s all step back and take a breather.

Using the Bloom Color Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023, here are some positive affirmations that we can all use as daily mantras moving forward.

Wistful Lilac

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

Oftentimes we take out our frustrations on our body in the form of unhealthy habits. When we’re in stressful situations, how often do we catch ourselves reaching for that bag of chips or clinging on to a bottle of alcohol? Treat your body like a temple. Let’s start small. Drink lots of water. Go for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Prioritize rest.

Carve out time in your day to practice some yoga and meditation. The calming purple shade of Wistful Lilac will instantly put you in a zen mood.

Teal We Meet Again

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

Being unable to change the past is a hard pill for most of us to swallow. Don’t let your past mistakes and regrets keep you up at night. Make an effort to make peace with your past, whether it’s a less-than-stellar childhood or a huge regret that’s weighing you down until now. While your past experiences have molded you into who you are today, they don’t have to completely define who you are as a person.

Embrace the present moment with the cleansing blue-green hue of Teal We Meet Again. Always remember that everyday is a fresh start into becoming the best version of you.

Honey Hive

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

While money can’t buy happiness, it can afford us a certain level of comfort that can stir us away from uncertainties. Aside from being able to afford the basic necessities of life such as food and shelter, money can help us pursue our passions in life whether it be travelling or hobbies. While it’s not inherently wrong to want for financial abundance, always remember that money is not the end goal. It’s simply a vehicle for us to discover and realize our goals and ambitions.

Manifest wealth, abundance, and prosperity with the rich golden hue of Honey Hive.

Sweet Inspiration

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

One of the best feelings in the world is actually enjoying the work that you do. Whether it’s growing your own business, advancing your career, or perfecting your craft, opportunities are always right around the corner for inspiration and growth. Always have an open mind, reach out and widen your networks, and make time for your passions. Burning out is one of the worst possible ways to remain stagnant.

Keep your mind sharp and become an open vessel for creativity with the playful purple hue of Sweet Inspiration.

Whirlwind Romance

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

Let’s be clear that we’re not just talking about relationships of the romantic kind. This affirmation applies to all kinds of relationships. Take the time to internalize and evaluate the human connections you keep close to your heart. Do you still feel truly loved and appreciated? Are you growing as an individual when you’re with this certain person? Sometimes we’re blinded by the fear of loneliness and abandonment that we cling so desperately to relationships that are no longer serving us.

We are all worthy of a healthy and loving relationship. This applies to family, friendships, and life partners.

Candies Be Love

Daily Affirmations with the Bloom Color Palette | MyBoysen

As a self-proclaimed type A control freak, this is specially hard to do. Trying to control things that you simply cannot is an uphill battle. Sometimes life just happens, it’s just the way it is. Instead of adding on to your burdens, focus your energy on the things you can control.

Learning to let certain things go is difficult, but not impossible. It’s one of the truest form of self love, to relinquish the need for total control. Focus your energies on self love with the blushing hue of Candies Be Love.

Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023

Do any of these daily affirmations speak to you? Download the image and make it your phone’s wallpaper as a daily reminder. Want to know more about Boysen Color Trend? Check out the website here. And if you have any other questions about paints or colors, send an email to ask@myboysen.com.


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