Florals are springing up in interior spaces in 2018, from the chintz fabrics and wallpapers of our lolas to the bold, colorful prints of overblown blooms. Very KUKUR (kukurtinahin in other words).

Chintz is making a big comeback. Using the same floral fabric on the walls, window treatments, and furnishings—think English country but updated. Lots of florals and colors that pop, like turquoise, apple green, and shocking pink.   —Kathryn M. Ireland

I have no problems with kukur. I’ve loved that since….well, since….ever….forever. Florals are not only back in interior design but in fashion itself. Yes!

Florals in Interior Spaces are Making a Comeback in 2018

Florals have this joie de vivre, an ebullient excitement for “sugar and spice and all things nice!” Can you imagine having the color of flowers in your living space? It would make the room welcoming, fun, charming. Actually these kind of colors and decor are so reminiscent of summer when everything is alive and in full color. With the current rainy days, it’s wonderful to be cocooned in a bright, cheerful space.

For florals in interiors, the palette BE BOLD of Color Trend 2018 would be a good one to use for your walls and furnishings.

Florals in Interior Spaces are Making a Comeback in 2018
Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint

Watch the video to get inspired and when you feel your spirits lifting, let it!

Inspired Florals

Get inspired with these fresh and happy floral interiors!




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If florals are not your thing but you’d like to have that burst of color, try the Tropical Vibe.



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