There’s a quote online which says that when life knocks you down, roll over and look up at the stars.

When that happens, wouldn’t it be great to have your very own galaxy in the comforts of your own crib? Sleep under your own starry sky by creating a DIY galaxy project using glow-in-the-dark stickers. With a playful theme inspired by the popular children’s book The Little Prince, you can use this opportunity to build your imagination of colors by bringing the heavens to life!

To begin creating your dreamy astral project, start planning how you will lay everything out. Decide what you want to place on your wall besides your glowing stickers. Maybe you have other decorative wall pieces that would fit your design. Also, know what your purpose is for creating such a wall project.  For me, it was to have something beautiful to look at by the time I set my alarm clock.  It’s as if I created my own galaxy of guardians as a wall of art!

Should you keep the color of your wall or replace it? Keep in mind that for a better effect, the current paint should be a dark hue to mimic the night sky. If you decide not to repaint, then all that you need to do would be to set up your stickers that you can get in any toy store, and decorations, if any. Since your goal is to create an entire universe of your own, it is up to you to fill in that void using your imagination.

The perfect time to install your glowing and starry stickers would definitely be at night so you can immediately see the effect.

If you want to create something that is also attractive during the day, you can add artworks or objects, like a painting or a dreamcatcher.

For those who have families, having a galaxy on your wall could be something to make your kids feel cozy when you read bedtime stories to them. For the lovebirds or those who fly solo, you can make use of the galaxy project as something that would help you to relax you before you fall into slumber.

Now isn’t that wonderful to have something made with your personal touch?




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