Hello, 2022! We thought we’d welcome the new year with a handful of beautiful Boysen paint colors. Let’s look back at all we’ve been through in 2021 and what we wish for in the days and months ahead. Maybe one of these hues can be your color of the year!

Note: All the colors below are part of the Boysen Color Palette fan deck. They are available for mixing at Boysen Mix and Match stations (find a list of locations here). Remember to take a look at the swatch of your chosen color in person before having it mixed.

Breath-Taking View

Hello, 2022! Boysen Paint Colors We Need This New Year | MyBoysen

As of writing, my passport is collecting dust and my luggage is hungry without stuff in its belly. A few days of travel once or twice a year has become a regular pleasure for a lot of people, including me. But it’s been a long time since most of us have had a chance to go out and explore.

Travel gives us a chance to step back and away from our usual daily lives filled with responsibilities and routines. It’s a change of scenery and perspective, and an opportunity to energize and refresh. Travel bans, lockdowns, and quarantines have halted most leisure travel for almost two years now. We’re hoping this new year allows us to get back on the road or in the skies again and see more breathtaking views.

All Dressed Up

Hello, 2022! Boysen Paint Colors We Need This New Year | MyBoysen

Like traveling, there were fewer get-togethers the past two years too. Celebrations and parties were put on hold or postponed until—well, at the time, we didn’t really know until when. Public events like conventions, exhibits, and concerts were also not allowed.

The health measures were absolutely necessary, of course. I was all for them if it meant we would get out of the pandemic sooner. However, I did miss dressing up and getting excited knowing I was about to go somewhere fun for the night. The bubbly pink shade of All Dressed Up reminds me of that familiar feeling of giddy anticipation. Hopefully 2022 will be the year we take out our glam outfits from the closet and (safely!) dance the night away again.

Basket of Gold

Hello, 2022! Boysen Paint Colors We Need This New Year | MyBoysen

Bear with me for a moment as I present you with some figures. Per the Philippine Statistics Authority, in October 2021, there were 3.5 million jobless Filipinos and 7.04 million underemployed Filipinos (a.k.a. already working but are looking for additional work to earn enough income). Now is a time of great difficulty for many and the effects of the pandemic are far-reaching. It has taken from us so many, many things.

Prosperity and abundance in all aspects of living are what we hope for in 2022. May this basket of gold represent not only wealth but also success and achievement, the shedding of heavy burdens and worries, and a glittering, optimistic future.


Hello, 2022! Boysen Paint Colors We Need This New Year | MyBoysen

I’m not much of a hugger but I’m not ashamed to admit that from time to time I will ask for one especially when I’m feeling sad or scared. Connection through human touch can be powerful. Because of the pandemic, however, we’ve learned to avoid and work around it to follow social distancing rules.

Instead of typical Pinoy ways of greeting like pagmamano and pagbebeso, we wave hi standing a few feet away from each other. We’ve also done away with placing an arm on a pal’s shoulder. No more high fives even! Again, I’m not at all against social distancing measures. I’m just saying I miss having to feel connected through simple things like hugging a friend hello or goodbye. Maybe this is the year we get it back. Until then, this is the kind of embrace I can offer—a warm and soothing hue perfect for cozying up to.

Fresh Day

Hello, 2022! Boysen Paint Colors We Need This New Year | MyBoysen

Several things have caused us to feel angry, downhearted, and hopeless these past two years. Though this may be the case, there will also always be reasons to keep moving forward. It can be difficult to see at times, but it’s there when we look hard enough.

The sun shines even after the darkest night and a fresh new day begins. We each have the capabilities to make tomorrow a little bit brighter even if it’s through our own simple ways. Find what you’re grateful for, share what you have, and be glad that we can witness another sunrise. 2022, we’re coming for you.

Hoping this year will be good to you. Happy January and may we be empowered to conquer the days ahead of us!


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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