Who else misses traveling? ???  I’ve always maxed out (if not went over) the allotted vacation days for the year. Hehe, sorry boss! While I’ve been blessed enough to be able to travel to other countries, I’ve always preferred a chill vacay here in the Philippines. Our country has some of the best beaches in the world and nobody can change my mind about that. But we’re still in, like, the nth lockdown/quarantine since 2020. Planning is extra tricky now since you never know if our trip can push through or not! So, here I am reminiscing, longing, and just daydreaming of the amazing travel destinations in the country. Come along with me. Let’s live vicariously through these amazing shots and appreciate some Philippine vacation color palettes!

Philippine Vacation Color Palettes

Sunrise over Mount Pulag

Vacation Color Palettes: The Philippines | MyBoysen

It’s been one of my regrets that I didn’t climb Pulag when my friends invited me. I just didn’t think my un-fit body could take the hike whilst I carried a heavy backpack filled with the essentials for an overnight trip. But seeing their photos afterward gave me instant FOMO. They talked about the sea of stars they were able to see at night. Then, waking up at the wee hours of morning to catch the sunrise over a sea of clouds. Maybe once all of this is over, I can finally make the climb.

Mesmerizing midnight blues coupled with a tinge of glowing orange are the main color combinations for this palette. Painting this combo in your bedroom will make it feel like you’re waking up in a sea of clouds everyday.

Clear Waters of El Nido

Vacation Color Palettes: The Philippines | MyBoysen

My family visited El Nido a few years back while it was storming. It was raining non-stop during our entire stay. But, at the very last day of our El Nido getaway, the sun finally decided to show itself and we were able to enjoy some fun in the sun. The waters were clear and teeming with fish (and baby sharks!). It’s clear why El Nido is never not in people’s travel bucket list. The place is absolutely stunning!

If we can’t have our dose of vitamin sea just yet, recreate the same crystal blue waters of El Nido right in your own living space. Mix up a serving of piña colada, play some nice ocean wave ambient music, and you’re good to go!

Rolling Hills of Batanes

Vacation Color Palettes: The Philippines | MyBoysen

Another travel destination I’ve always longed to go to is Batanes. Aside from its iconic lighthouse and beautiful local architecture, Batanes also boasts some of the best hidden beaches. But, when you think of Batanes, the first thing that comes to mind is its serene rolling hills. Major The Sound of Music vibes but only a short plane ride away!

Any form of greenery is always welcome in the home. If we can’t go outside to enjoy some nature, then bring it indoors! If you’re absolutely hopeless in keeping plants alive, painting your walls shades of this healing hue can still do the trick.

Sunsets in Siargao

Vacation Color Palettes: The Philippines | MyBoysen

If, by some chance, I can only go to one place and one place only for the rest of my life, I’d pick Siargao. It has great people, amazing food, adorable dogs roaming the beach, and breathtaking scenery. Don’t worry if surfing’s not your thing, there are a lot of other places to visit and things to do in Siargao!

While Siargao is beautiful throughout the day, its sunsets are to die for. Lounging around the sand with a cold bottle of beer while the sky is painted a stunning golden hue? Sign me up.

Ready to Pack Your Bags Yet?

Just kidding. Stay home, stay safe! For the meantime, while we wait for the pandemic to blow over, keep your spirits up with happy daydreams of these not-so-far-away paradises. At this point, we all need something to look forward to, right? While we can’t definitely book flights yet. Fill your pinterest board with travel photos, read up on blogs to know what to prepare, and paint your walls with these lovely Philippine vacation color palettes! BTW, all the colors we featured here are from our Boysen Color Palette. Do you have any comments or suggestions for future articles? Let us know! Send an email over to ask@myboysen.com.


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