Organize. Declutter. These are buzz words that you see in most home magazines. The Marie Kondo method, the minimalism movement, and feng shui are some of the things that have influenced how we take care of our homes.

But tidying up is nothing new. I can remember my own lola going about her day, briskly barking orders at househelps to keep the home clean.  I don’t know about you but I really appreciate a clean home. It does not matter to me so much if the furnishings and the home are simple. One may have a mansion but if it is not clean, you can feel it, or worse, maybe even smell it.

This is a simple task at hand though. It is a way to organize your home office area (a.k.a. desk). Watch the video for the tips.

Tidying Up

Make tidying up a part of your lifestyle. Organizing and decluttering are best done regularly, instead of making a mess to clean up at some later date. Chances are the cleaning up becomes such a big project that procrastination could be the reaction. This is the story of my life, and I can’t believe that it’s just me. Spring cleaning is great for the big clean-up, but a daily tidying-up ritual is the best way to go…before the molehill becomes a mountain (or several mountains).

A Millennial’s Perspective on Room Organization

Here’s a good post to read, written by a millennial on how she organized her room.

Room Organization Tips For Millennials, From A Millennial

Her recommendation: CLAYGO, or Clean As you Go. She starts with saying to set manageable goals. One step at a time. So wise. I’ve looked at my mountains (of mess) for years (no kidding, I kind of gave up when the pandemic started), and have become overwhelmed. Do you know that it is easier each day to become blind to it all? So do listen to the wise millennial.

Organize Your Workspace

Need more tips on how to organize your workspace? Head on over to this post, again written by a millennial. This time he focuses on the workspace.

5 Tips to Organize Your Workspace and Improve Your Focus

His main message is that minimalism is the key. No distractions! Don’t dump everything on your work desk. Non-work-related stuff should be kept in drawers or stored in containers. He even went as far as to say to also turn off your social media channels so you don’t hear all the pings while working.

More Posts on Organizing Your Space

We made a video recently about organizing a bedroom closet the Scandi way. This may be interesting for those who love Scandi interior styles. Watch this video if this style speaks to you. This is where colors are important to consider. Choose neutrals.

We’ve got many posts on organizing home spaces in this blog. We even have an infographic in this post (click on House Cleaning Schedule). This is for those who want to schedule the household chores. This is a great tool for big households. Rope everyone in, including your children, and assign chores. Good for the home as well as for character building. Good luck with motivating your kiddos.

Lastly, if you want to know how a Boysen product can help you, read this post about how to set up the perfect pantry.

Setting Up the Perfect Pantry

Get to know more about Boysen Bug Off and how this paint can help you in your quest to keep insects off your food supplies.

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