Got a beach shack or a comfy home by the sea? This crafty idea works for farm homes too. For the holidays, do you wanna make a DIY toilet paper holder with simple natural materials? Watch how Kriz does it in the video below.

This idea is so simple and at about 300 pesos, it’s a steal! All you need is scrap wood, abaca rope and jute string plus hooks and screws. Kriz painted her toilet holder with white but you can use any color that would fit your toilet. you can even make it a bright color to brighten up what is usually a dark place!

You can get much cheaper metal toilet paper holders in home depots and hardware stores. But hey, where’s the fun in that?

Picture this: You’re with family for the Christmas holidays in your homey vacay home somewhere in your farm or the beach. A shared activity is a great way to strengthen the family bonding. After splashing in the water or hiking in the hills, picking vegetables or fruits, preparing and eating tons of food, taking siestas, or playing board games, you can squeeze in a productive afternoon by making some crafts for the home that shelters you during the holidays. It’s a kind of giving back to your sanctuary.

More DIY Crafts

If you like working with rope to emphasize that beach scene or the rustic vibe of your home in the farm, click on this link and see more ideas on how to make hanging planters or wall art.

Personally, I love this wooden block art instructional video.

It’s so easy to do. You can actually use this safari collection not only for a nursery but for your home office. Channel the primal energy of Africa to kick you into action and complete your projects.

Or if you are someone who loves to meditate or practice yoga, you can download some sacred geometry patterns and use those as wall art in your favorite me space.

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