Here’s a craft painting idea that anyone can easily copy.  In this video, Kriz shows us how to make something “drab to fab” with a bit of rope, paint, glue and her magic touch.

This type of plastic basket is so common and very functional. It’s also cheap and available in markets and stores so most probably you’d have something like this in your home. If you want to make it look special, jazz it up just like Kriz did.

Baskets like these are very handy to have at home, not only as a laundry basket, but also for storing other things like the extra throw pillows of Kriz. They also would look great in kids’ rooms. Color code them and provide each child a basket for him to store his toys. If you want to keep your home tidy, then use this method.

DIY Crafts Using Rope

If you bought so much rope, you can still use it. We’ve got several DIYs in this blog that uses that material.

Wall Art

This is Carlo’s hanging menu that he made for his mama’s fruit and shake bar from recycled pallet materials. Instead of the food and drinks on offer, you can also use this painting idea to make your own wall art by painting favorite quotes on wood, string them together using rope, then hanging the finished piece on your wall.

Hanging Planter

Honey made a hanging planter for her herbs, and stringing the pots together with rope. She wanted her fresh herbs on hand so that it would be easier for her to get them when she needed herbs for those healthy meals she made for herself.

Color Combinations for Rope

Rope has a warm, neutral color that can be matched with almost any other color. The starting point for choosing the color that can match is by looking around the room where you’d like to place the basket. Check out the color story and pick one color that you’d like to highlight.

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These are rattan baskets (used as planters). Rattan has a color that is similar to rope. See how white goes very well with the neutral color. You can also paint your baskets in different colors. Go wild if you like. You’re not going to harm anyone, least of all the rope basket. Just make sure though that the colors will go well with the colors in the room.

Living room with African-inspired theme with the geometric tribal prints

This living room has an African-inspired theme with the geometric tribal prints. The basket patterns are painted in black to go with the subdued and neutral color story of the room – black, gray, slate, and the different shades of beige from the wooden floor and woven accessories.

More DIY Videos

We’ve made many DIY videos that show wall paint ideas too. You can watch them in this blog, in our YouTube channel, and in Studio B. For the last one, you can just subscribe using your email address, then you can have unlimited access to the videos in the site.


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