They say that love makes the shy brave and the brave shy. I don’t know who said it but I saw it written on a restroom door. I forgot whether it’s a quote from some wall art or toilet vandalism, but I thought I should share that here. We hope that love will inspire you to be brave with your choices and go out of your way to make the people around you know how you truly feel not just through words, but also action. Paint your love!

Here are beautiful painting ideas and Boysen paint color palettes to make your valentine feel special. If you’re flying solo, consider DIY painting your expression of self-love.

Glow up Together

You probably miss going to the gym as a couple (or on your own). You don’t have to give up your fitness goals. Create a space where you will always feel motivated to stick to a workout routine. Convert an extra room or a corner into a home gym to get you on the right track. A space painted with a stimulating hue like this peg will energize you. It will remind you that loving yourself means being mindful of your body. Eat right and exercise in your home gym. Encourage one another to achieve your health goals. If you’re single, get support from family and friends.

Home Painting Ideas: Paint Your Love | MyBoysen

Soulmate Connection

If books are your soulmate, polygamy is the way to go. Words can take you into a different world but silence and comfort should be the prerequisite to be fully immersed in the fantasy world. The deep blue hue painted on the walls of this reading nook creates an enveloping haven where you can fully concentrate on your favorite author’s novel.

Home Painting Ideas: Paint Your Love | MyBoysen

When Love Takes Over

When you love what you do, the work becomes lighter and more manageable. Passion coupled with an uplifting workspace will give you the fuel to keep going. Make your work or study area feel more uplifting by painting it complementary hues like this study area. It’s an inspiring place for creative work.

Home Painting Ideas: Paint Your Love | MyBoysen

Soft Spot

This bedroom will capture your heart. In this elegant and beautifully detailed space, sweet dreams are brewed. Give your loved one the gift of a good night’s sleep by painting his/her bedroom walls with a soothing hue. It’s easier to wind down and doze off with this calming gray backdrop. It will make you feel like stars are leaning down to kiss you good night.

Home Painting Ideas: Paint Your Love | MyBoysen

Easy Living

Your living room should remind you that you’re not alone. Display framed photographs of your friends and family on your gallery wall. Reminisce on the good times you’ve shared in this space. If that sounds good to you, you can copy this peg by choosing a bright backdrop that will remind you of happy times. Neutral and natural accents like wood and plants can also complement this look.

Home Painting Ideas: Paint Your Love | MyBoysen

If you like any of these paint color palettes, take a screenshot of them and go to a Boysen Mix and Match Station near you to get your preferred colors.

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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