Heads up, plant lovers. Watch Dave’s video tutorial on how to make your own plant propagator base out of concrete!

Gardeners love to putter around in their gardens. They not only want their plants to grow healthy and lush, but they would also love to make multiple plants out of a single plant, especially a favorite one. What better way then than to propagate plants!

So, if you are a serious plantito or plantita as well as a crafter to boot, this video is for you! Use clear glass tubes for your cuttings. This way you ensure that light-sensitive roots get the proper light nutrients. Also, clear glass is better than colored or opaque glass to prevent algae growth.

The good things about these plant propagators are:

  1. you are able to color code your plant cuttings if that is what you want
  2. you can choose the colors that appeal to you
  3. these look good enough to serve as decoration

For the video, Dave chose green tones for the concrete base for that organic and natural look. The colors can be a perfect backdrop for the plants themselves. After all, it’s better to give the limelight to the plants!

Improve Well-Being with Biophilic Design

Improve Your Well-Being with Biophilic Design

At the height of the lockdowns in 2020, the interest for plants and gardening exploded. This is not surprising because gardening became one of the ways that people improved their well-being.

People who have exterior domestic spaces in their homes like a garden, terrace, balcony, veranda, etc., will have a lot of room for propagating plants. However, someone with a studio apartment can also enjoy this healthy activity. Use window sills or tables to place your little baby plants on.

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