Press Loft, which calls itself the platform connecting 1000+ home & lifestyle brands with journalists & influencers worldwide, came out with another microtrend which they call Curated Kitsch.

Press Loft says, “The Kitsch aesthetic is having a bit of a renaissance in the last year or two as people seek out unique and quirky items that will help to infuse their space with a sense of nostalgia and retro charm. From vibrant colours to whimsical designs, these playful pieces are perfect for those looking to make a bold and imaginative statement in their home decor.”

Curated Kitsch a la Boysen

It’s fun, eclectic, nostalgic, unique, and colorful. What’s not to like? Here’s our take on this bold and imaginative home design style.

Microtrend: Curated Kitsch | MyBoysen

We used the Artistry color palette from the Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 for this mood board.

We describe the Artistry color palette as childlike and joyous, which is exactly what a living space dressed up in curated kitsch should look like. Saturated pastel colors can help lift spirits, and make you reminisce about those times when you were blowing bubbles and seeing their iridescence carried away by a soft breeze. By the way, I read somewhere that blowing bubbles can help to manage anxiety because it regulates your breathing. Microtrend: Curated Kitsch using Artistry Color Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 | MyBoysenIf you’ve ever been tempted to follow the minimalist trend where less is more, and simple, clean, and easy-to-use are meant to help you find that balance and serenity that you badly need in this stressful life, but feel deep inside that you’re being harnessed by invisible chains that contain the naturally effervescent you, it’s time for a rethink.

That’s what’s so beautiful about life. It’s how you make it. Discomfort is an invitation to look deeper and get to know yourself better. Trends come and go so the best barometer of how you should go about things, including decorating your home, is just to be true to yourself.

Other Interior Design Styles Similar to Curated Kitsch

Having your beloved things around add to the comfort and security you’d feel. Make your sanctuary a haven for your precious memories. Dust off those things hiding in your kaban. BUT don’t take everything either. That’s why it’s called CURATED.

Your best bet if you have oodles of stuff is to regularly rotate your home decor. Don’t give in to the urge to fill every nook and cranny with stuff. We can look to Gen Z, who love maximalism, to lead the way in this interior design style.

The Gen Z Aesthetic: How Young People are Styling Their Homes

Paint Colors Unique to You

If you want your home to really have unique colors, you can mix your own using Boysen colorants. Here are 4 video tutorials that will help you come up with your very own special colors.

The Color Wheel Using Boysen Colorants
How to Mix Colors for Tint and Tone
Basic Color Schemes to Help You Create a Paint Palette
Tips on Using Boysen Colorants

Those are the four Color Me Boysen DIY videos. Have fun creating paint colors that express the authentic you.

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