The movement for slow living has been gaining traction ever since the world went on hiatus more than a year ago. There has been a greater focus on what is natural and organic, and less for digital pursuits. We’re living in a world filled with constant alerts and fast-paced animated screens. Because of this, a lot of parents have been gearing more towards the Montessori approach in child-rearing and education. In this blog post, we’ll be laying out the foundation in creating a Montessori bedroom for your toddler.

What is Montessori?

I’m not going into a deep dive on the whole philosophy of Montessori. There are a lot of amazing resources online you can tap into in case you’re interested.

What drew me into this whole approach is the simplicity.  It’s the preference for natural-made materials and the child-centered aspect of learning.

I’ve always admired the level of independence kids from other countries have. Since nannies aren’t so common in these countries, kids have learned to be more self-sufficient in caring for their daily needs. This is a stark difference from the upper to middle class children here in the Philippines.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting your child to have a comfortable life. But, their being overly reliant on adults in the developmental stage might make it more difficult for them when they’re adults.

Montessori Bedroom for Toddlers

A good place to start in trying to set up a Montessori space for your little one is to literally squat down to your child’s level. This way you will get a good idea of how your kid sees the space around him. Design his bedroom according to that perspective. What does this mean? It means getting furniture that’s right for his size, and setting up decoration that is at his eye level (rather than yours).

1.  Bed

A customized child’s beds and mattress that are closer to the floor are essential for any Montessori bedroom. It makes it easier for a child to get in and out of bed by himself. Just make sure that it is not situated near any electrical sockets.

Important: in a house with a kid, it’s best to invest in covers for all sockets.

2.  Small Shelves and Tables

Instead of dumping all the toys in a box, prepare low wooden shelves for these items. The key here is that everything has its own place. It encourages a child’s sense of order (yes, apparently they do have one).

Montessori advocates activities that are more tactile. Think wood, clay, sand, and cloth. This helps children with their motor skills and imagination, as compared to just giving them an iPad or tablet to busy themselves with.

3.  Small Wardrobe and a Full Length Mirror

This is probably the cutest thing I’ve seen in any Montessori bedroom. Just look at how the little clothes are hung up in these small wardrobe! Prepare a small set of season-appropriate clothing for them to choose from. (Unpopular opinion: They’re kids! They don’t need a whole closet. They’ll outgrow these clothes in months!)

Place a full length mirror that’s right for their heights so they can dress themselves properly too.

Let’s Talk About Color

A quick Pinterest search on Montessori bedroom for toddlers will present you with a lot of beautiful neutral colored spaces. Aside from making the room feel lighter, having a muted background will also highlight the child’s colorful activities and artwork. We prepared a curated selection down below for you. Pick one and paint your child’s space with these calming hues.

Montessori Bedroom for Toddlers | MyBoysen

All these colors are part of the Boysen Color Series, a collection of our top-selling colors that come in either Permacoat Semi-Gloss or Flat.

In Conclusion

I’m in love with the concept of Montessori. I love its aesthetics, its preference for light, soothing colors, and wooden tones. But above all, I love its philosophy on child development and I can’t wait to apply the same things to my own little bundle of joy someday. Would you do the same? Tell us what you think at the comments down below or send us an email at


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