Wanna steal the wall design and painting ideas of newlyweds Carol and Anthony? If you want to know how much each DIY project costs first, then watch the video!

Painting Ideas to Give Yourself a Channel for Your Creativity

Two of several reasons why people do DIY painting projects are 1) to express their creative selves, and 2) to save money while beautifying their homes. It could also be both of course.

Social media and the internet have made it very accessible for people to create things using their hands. There is a greater openness to experiment and make something. The “I’m not an artist” excuse has given way to “I can try that,” especially if friends or acquaintances have done some projects and the results are attractive.

Paint is a very forgiving medium. Unless you’re a total klutz and have the ability to make a mess of surfaces you don’t want to paint, like floors and ceilings, experimenting with some of the video tutorials we’ve shown in MyBoysen is an easy way to enter the world of DIY home decorating.

But even a mess can be prevented. Just prepare your painting area well by lining the floor with old newspaper for example.

Favorite Wall Paint Design Ideas

We started making DIY video tutorials in October 2017. That’s almost two years ago. Since then, we’ve created 11 webisodes, or 44 painting tutorials. It’s a lot to go through so here are our top three wall paint design ideas that you can steal to make your home a colorful one!

1  Make an Ombre Wall

Painting idea: Ombre Bedroom Wall

An ombre wall gives a textured effect to a surface with the use of paint. This wall design idea similar to using watercolor in paintings where colors bleed into each other.

The dreamy blue bedroom gives a cool and relaxing vibe. The ombre wall is a decor in itself that acts as the headboard as well as adds interest to the room. Add sheer, white curtains to diffuse the light and you have a place to relax and get much-needed sleep.

Watch Danica’s video tutorial on how to make an ombre wall.

2  Make a Chalkboard Calendar

Boysen painting idea: Chalkboard Calendar Wall

If you’re a busy bee and you need a calendar to track your activities, watch this video tutorial from Alex on how to make a chalkboard wall that doubles as your calendar.

I can imagine this kind of wall in a home office, a hobby room, a student’s bedroom or even in the kitchen where you want the family to have a place to write down each family member’s schedule.

3  Make a Geometric Accent Wall

Boysen Painting Idea: Geometric Accent Wall

Using geometric shapes for your accent wall is fairly an easy trick. Click on the link and watch how Carlo did it. You just need some imagination, patience and a good sense for color to pull this off. If you don’t have the third one, get color ideas from the Boysen Color Trends. There are 20 color palettes carefully curated by the Boysen Color Team. This means that you can combine any of the six colors in a palette, and any combination you choose will work.

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