What wall paint colors can increase productivity?

  1. Initial Preparations
  2. Off-White
  3. Light Blue
  4. Brown
  5. Wine Red
  6. Pastel Yellow

If you work at home, it’s good to use wall paint ideas that can increase productivity. The right wall paint color combination can impact the way your home office looks and even the way you work. Some colors can make your office space look bigger while some can make it look cozier. You can create a space with different effects depending on what color you choose. Here are some paint colors you can use for your home office.

Initial Preparations

Before choosing a paint color, assess your current line of work. By knowing the main purpose of your space, you can narrow down your choices. Start by thinking about the tasks and projects you’ll be doing. Think about what you want to achieve with your home office. You might be looking for a space to promote focus or an office that makes you feel revitalized. Your working style can also affect how you’ll go about with the colors and decor of your home office.



Home Office Paint Colors - Boysen Off White Palette

Off-white is best paired with soft neutrals. If you need an office that promotes focus and organization, this color is the right base tone. White also brings in a lot of light into a room. Choosing this shade lets you easily match your furniture and decor with the color of your wall. Pair your off-white walls with other natural shades. Keep them in the same light-toned family. This makes sure that it still exudes the same focused energy.

Off-white walls look best with either Scandinavian or minimalist style furniture. When arranging them, make sure that you provide enough space for each piece. This prevents the room from looking too small or constricted. If the arrangement needs more color, use a colorful rug or accent furniture. Adding a pop of color is never dangerous as long as it’s done tastefully.

Light Blue

Home Office Paint Colors - Boysen Light Blue Palette

Businesses make use of the color blue to show reliability and honesty. Blue tends to be a color that’s related to openness and invitation. Choosing a lighter shade of blue can create calm surroundings and promote peace. Avoid choosing a blue that falls on the cooler side of the spectrum. This can automatically make the room feel cold and isolated. Balance it out with a warmer blue and natural furniture. It’s also strategic to add green in the room with potted plants such as succulents and cacti. This combination can help your home office achieve a serene atmosphere.

The bohemian aesthetic can be achieved with a natural rug, like one made of woven rattan, in the room. The versatility of light blue can welcome this extra splash of warmth while maintaining the calm vibe in the space. This type of rug can even enhance the overall light blue backdrop.


Home office paint - brown

Home Office Paint Colors - Boysen Brown Palette

Brown is a good choice for a lot of home offices if you want to show resilience and strength. The color brown is a grounding color that is reliable and secure. Practitioners of business and law can greatly benefit from this color. It’s sleek, serious, and can be paired with a glass table and leather chairs.

If you’re not a fan of the serious mood that a deeper brown exudes, you can shift to a lighter brown. It has the same strong effect without being dated. Bring in lots of light by using natural and artificial sources. Lamps can use a combination of warm and cool light to keep everything balanced. Add decor such as industrial wall art, hanging plants, and a good bookshelf to keep everything modern.

Wine Red

Home Office Paint Colors - Boysen Wine Red Palette

Avoid bright fast-food reds and choose an elegant wine red tone. Red has the same effect as brown paint. It represents strength and can stimulate conversation and excitement. When you know that you’re working in a fast-paced industry, this color can keep your mind sharp. Wine red paint can be paired with industrial or rustic furniture. Incorporate the warm tones with copper-colored decor, furniture, or chairs. The overall warmth of this combination can create an inviting mood without sacrificing the positive traits of wine red. If it gets too intense, combine the wine red with muted neutrals such as blues, grays or browns.

Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow

Home Office Paint Colors - Boysen Pastel Yellow Palette

Pale yellow can be applied all over your home office while you use bright yellow as an accent. This color promotes positivity and friendliness.

Although, take note that a large number of yellow tones can have negative effects. Keep the color yellow to a minimum by choosing an overall muted shade that won’t strain your eyes. You know you’ve chosen the right shade if it is both easy on the eyes and has retained its overall positive effect.

Pair the pastel yellow with a bright accent wall. Soft pinks in your decor can also offer a good combination. This soft feminine color balances out a yellow accent wall and encourages calmness and inspiration.

Key Takeaway

Create a different mood according to your career with these home office paint colors. Your workspace can get a significant boost by using the right combination of colors and furniture. Upgrade your productivity with these creative ideas and see the difference.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Fabulous instructions. Your color choices are on point and hopefully, we can see some success after we’ve put them to use.

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