The main purpose of accent walls is to break up the pattern created by the other walls, to have a completely different design or color than that of the rest of the house. But to you who’s always been wary of whether or not you should repaint your walls with something out of the usual, this may serve as a stepping stone to explore new painting ideas and design. So listen up, DIYer. You’re going to love these accents.

Never mind the textbook and internet rules, the only thing you should remember when you plan on having an accent wall is that it should accent the wall. Are you listening?

Choose the right wall

Be mindful when choosing the right wall for your accent. While it may be the most flexible decorating weapon any DIYer can have, it is still a risk to do it. Remember to emphasize only the spaces that lack architectural features and to not overdo it. Again, it must accent the entirety of the wall you’re painting. Built-in bookshelves, interesting nooks, or walls that anchor a large piece of furniture such as bedroom headboard are good examples. Accent walls can also serve as a room divider for large spaces or define a specific corner. Start looking around your home for possible areas you can experiment on.

Below are 4 Surefire Painting Ideas to Jazz Up Your Space!

Opposites Attract

Contrast Color

The easiest way to liven up space is to create contrast. Choose an accent color that stands out in the area. Think of your favorite color, is it red? Blue? If your space is as white as snow, such colors would be perfect as an accent wall. Neutrals call for a pop of bright color while light and airy colored rooms demand a rich, dark hue.

Break the Rules

Black Ceiling

In our post about what goes well with your black interiors, we told you to let your room breathe by sparing the ceiling from the dark coating. This time around, we’re switching gears. Paint your ceiling black or any dark hues to accentuate the lightness of the room and draw the attention directly to the outside view. Black ceiling works double as it also hides the minor imperfections brought about by electric and pipe works. It helps to paint the crown molding white to separate the ceiling from the wall and create a stylish look. How about that, DIYer?

Mix & Mismatch

Pattern Accent Wall

Patterned accent walls are a trend right now as it gives the room that extra pop! This is for the creative and brave ones. You can do this by using wall stencils or you can go crazy with your art and treat the wall as one big blank canvas. You can even search the internet for painting ideas. We actually have one in the office and it surely brightens up everyone’s mood! A simple reminder: make sure that it does not abandon the other walls or make them look out of place. Ready, set, Van Gogh!

Wood you Rather

Wooden Accent Wall Wood Stain

Dial down the outside buzz with a wooden accent wall. In a space as orderly as this, a touch of wood brings back that cozy mood. As we have said before, wooden furniture and accents add that natural feel and harmonize the living space making it more intimate and closer to home. Now, wood you rather go for a night out or rest comfortably in this living room?

How’s that for accents! For future references, borrow the 60-30-10 rule of interior designers for your DIY painting to make sure you’re creating a beautiful and balanced home. Discover other painting inspirations by subscribing to this blog. If you need technical tips from our Boysen experts, call (02) 363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours or write an email to


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