You moved into a new apartment and realized that some of the things you brought with you don’t really match the style you’re going for. The color of the chairs is too dull, the night stand’s a little bit masculine for your taste, and the dresser you got as a gift from your mom looks outdated. You thought about buying new ones but you simply don’t have the heart to throw them away. What can you do? We say, refresh and revamp!

Give your furniture a new look by painting them anew. Let Boysen teach you how to repaint your previously painted wooden furniture. Take note, DIYer!

4 Ps to Remember When Painting Your Wooden Furniture

We thought you might need a little help with the painting process, that is why we made you an infographic so won’t miss a single step. See below:

Boysen Tutorials: Painting Your Wooden Furniture

1:   Prepare the Surface

Whether it’s an antique chair your grandma gave you when you first moved out or a great thrift store find you are giving a new look, you must take the time to lay the groundwork first and foremost. Proper preparation of the furniture will determine the success of your results.

Make sure that you have a nice clean surface to start with. Wipe away the dust and cobwebs using any old cloth or rag.

If you see anything you don’t like with the furniture or there’s a tiny hole that troubles you, applying putty will do the trick. Putty will take care of the minor cracks and imperfections.

Once done, sand the surface. Remember to not skip the sanding part so you get a dull, instead of a glossy, finish. A rough surface ensures that the primer will adhere better. Wipe the surface down right after to remove any dust particles.

Check out this article for a more comprehensive instruction on repainting previously painted wooden surfaces:

Surface Preparation: Repainting Wooden Surfaces

2:   Prime It

Priming prevents stains from bleeding through the paint. Using an angled brush to get to hard-to-reach areas. Then use a roller for the rest of the surface. Cover the furniture with any Boysen wood primer of your choice. Apply 1 coat of primer and allow it to dry overnight. Fast forward to the next day, lightly sand the surface again to eliminate bursh and roller marks, and then wipe the surface clean.

Note that the primer must match the type of paint you have chosen to avoid paint defects.

3:   Paint Away!

Before you proceed, decide on the finish you’d like your wooden furniture to have. Learn more about the paint finishes here and choose the one that you think would be perfect for your furniture. Boysen experts suggest having a glossy finish for wooden furniture so it would be easier for you to clean and maintain.

Following the same process you did with priming, paint the surface with any Boysen topcoat of your choice, using an angled brush for crevices and roller for the flat surfaces. If you’re having trouble with choosing the paint that matches your preference, don’t worry because we’ll give you a suggestion below or you can download the Boysen App to help you. Remember to follow the Boysen painting schedule provided on every Boysen can to achieve a successful paint job.

Leave your furniture untouched for at least a day or two to let it dry completely before using it.

4:   Protect

Now, the last step allows you to gild the lily. Protect the surface using whatever you have on hand. An accent mat for tabletops or coasters for coffee tables. You can even cover your dresser with the tablecloth you crocheted during the lockdown. Whatever it is, it’s best to put something over the refurbished furniture not only for aesthetic purposes but for extra protection.

Of course, if you are a minimalist by heart and want a clean, non-fussy look, do away with those tablecloths and mats but do use a coaster or pads to prevent water or burn marks on your table.

Recommended Boysen Products

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Boysen Tutorials: Painting Your Wooden Furniture

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Additional tips: Wear proper painting attire and open your windows to let air circulate while painting or if possible, just bring your furniture outside. Most importantly, make sure to treat yourself with something cold and sweet for your hard work. You deserve it! 

Watch Boysen Painting 101 to learn more.

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