The palette Minimal has the most neutral hues in this year’s Color Trend. The dark and light greys complement each other to create a restful space that is restrained but not boring. Teal adds an element of surprise to the grey hues.

The stresses of work or school, outings with the barkada, family fun and obligations, and social media are very much a part of our lives. It’s no wonder that  wellbeing and mindfulness have become the means to live a full life.

How many of you are drawn to the practice of meditation and yoga? How many of you are wishing you had more time, healthier relationships, more privacy?

JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, is at the heart of this palette.

MInimal Color Trend 2017

Make this your special place for cocooning, where you can find your balance, equanimity and peace of mind. Even an extrovert needs alone time, when you can embrace solitude so you can get to know yourself better, when you can ground and rejuvenate.

Create your own Minimal nest and indulge in the luxury of putting yourself first. That’s how you can give more to others.

There are four palettes in Color Trend 2017 – Tradition, Technology, Maximal and Minimal.

Click the link to find out more about Color Trend 2017, or download the brochure.


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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