After Dexter painted the nursery wall in grey, and Mia made white cloud stencils, it’s on to another project – the peg board organizer. This is a great way to organize baby things like stuffed toys, cotton, baby wipes, toiletries, etc. But this is not limited to only baby rooms. You can use peg board organizers in (home) offices, kitchens, study areas, hobby rooms, and anywhere else where you need to have a place to put things so that you can keep the space tidy.

A stainless steel peg board was used and this was primed with Boysen Primeguard Red Oxide to protect it from rust corrosion. After the peg board was primed, it was painted with Sugar Dust to match the clouds. The white top coat used is an antibacterial, odor-less latex paint called Healthy Home, which is perfect for nurseries.

Here are the Baby on Board episodes:

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For other DIY videos, check this link.



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