We, the extroverts and people whose love language is physical touch, are not thriving in the face of social-distancing measures, but that’s the least of our concern now. Every day, we’re reminded of the fragility of our lives. Everyone needs a break from the heaviness of the long quarantine days. We just want to live. We’re all trying our hardest to restore normality in our lives. If you’re desperate for a fun pastime, we suggest you go to Studio B. You can watch all the shows and movies there for free after you sign up. 

But before you start streaming, clean your home and wash your hands. The health of our society is in your hands. Literally.

Here are the shows that you can add to your quarantine watch list. 

1.   LOL Rolls

Homebound: Quarantine Watch List in Studio B
Alex Calleja

The lack of mass testing and protective gear for our health workers is not a laughing matter. Go ahead and express your frustration online. Good leaders are willing to listen to what people need. After you make that post calling out inefficient leadership, take a break and watch something light and happy. I understand that most of our readers don’t want to be positive right now. So do I. But I hope you haven’t lost your sense of humor. 

If you’re looking for something hilarious and hopeful to watch, tune in to LOL rolls. It’s a collection of comedy shows that feature witty stand-up comedians and comedy short reels. My favorite episode is Funny Fridays with Alex Calleja. He is considered as one of the funniest guys in the Pinoy comedy scene. He makes the crowd crack with his sharp observational humor about life before the internet and marriage. 

 2.   Boysen Beats Gigs

This video shows the launch of Boysen Beats in Cebu. It was not so long ago that we could all be part of a huge crowd to have fun and celebrate music.

I included Boysen Beats to my list because I miss live music and being in the crowd. The communication team filmed musicians performing in different music bars in Manila. The experience was marked by a distinct smell—cigarettes, sweat, beer, and pee.

Now, I think a lot about what life would be like after coronavirus. Will there be gigs in the near future or will virtual concerts be the new norm? Nothing will ever beat live musical performances and it’s captured and preserved in every Boysen Beats Gigs episode. 

3.   The Sanity Maintenance Program

Homebound: Quarantine Watch List in Studio B

While I enjoy talk shows that experiment with format and add fun games and segments to their shows, I still gravitate toward substance. If you’re up for something refreshing and relevant, The Sanity Maintenance Program with Jessica Zafra is a must-watch. They talk about issues and stories that matter. At its core, the talk show is about staying sane in a chaotic and crazy world. Sounds familiar? That’s because we’re living in it. I wrote about some of my favorite episodes here. 

Share with me what’s on your quarantine watch list so I can add them to my watch list. Drop a comment below. 

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.

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