How can you save money on paint?

  1. Start With a Solid Plan
  2. Look Out For Sales
  3. Choose The Right Combination of Products
  4. Buy Your Painting Supplies Wisely

It’s very easy to save money on house painting. When you have a goal in mind, especially when it comes to saving money, you can certainly do it while still getting the best results. Since painting is the easiest way to give your home a makeover, there’s no need to go over the budget to update your house color scheme.

Painting is more budget-friendly compared to other interior design projects. Although, you may still end up paying a big bill at the store if you don’t have a strict plan to follow. These simple tips can help you make the most of your budget and still create a wonderful look. Read more to learn how you can save money on paint.

Start With A Solid Plan

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Even before shopping, you have to try your best to be organized. Being organized doesn’t mean putting your stuff away, but more about having a solid plan that can prevent you from impulsively going off your budget. Unsurprisingly, these impulse purchases can easily raise your final bill. If you tend to have the habit of impulse buying, choose to get samples instead.

If your store offers samples, you should definitely take advantage of it. This will help you test the colors and finishes you like. Samples are also a great way to see the quality of the paint you’re purchasing. However, not all stores offer samples. When this happens, swatches you get through your online research and compared with swatches available in DIY stores, can help a lot during your planning process.

A lot of hardware stores and paint stores can offer you swatch cards. You can even take a photo of the cards if they don’t offer a free copy. Be aware, however, that the colors will not be the same due to the resolution of the digital photo, differences in light, etc. As for research and inspiration, social media sites, blogs, and boards can help you create a solid plan and find the inspirational direction you desire. You can take snippets of these websites and have them printed for future reference while you’re shopping for paint.

Look Out For Sales

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At times, your store can offer a lot of paint sales. When they do, it’s best to take advantage of them. Compared to buying paint with a standard retail price, you can save a lot when you buy paint that’s on sale in bulk. As mentioned earlier, doing your research can help you out significantly. To make sure that the sale that you are interested in is authentic, go to a reputable store or hardware, and choose a trusted brand.

In terms of tools, taking advantage of sales also allows you to buy premium tools at a better price. Using premium tools of good quality and combining these with your desired paint can help you achieve professional results on a budget.

Choose The Right Combination of Products

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When painting, it’s easy to get lost in choosing the perfect color. However, it’s also important to consider the right combination of products for the specific room and surface you will be painting. The right products can save you a lot of money and preparation for your interior design makeover. You can also more easily achieve the different effects and designs you want.

When purchasing paint, it’s important to choose products that are compatible to save time and money. It is best to choose a primer and paint from the same brand because you are then certain that the formulation of both would work well together.

Another point to consider is the sheen of the paint you will be using. Flat finish paint is great for blurring out wall imperfections but is not suitable for spaces with high humidity and high traffic. Semi-gloss and satin finishes are suitable for high traffic areas and high moisture areas.

Watch this video guide to paint finishes.

Buy Your Painting Supplies Wisely

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Painting supplies are critical. A lot of people say in order to be a great artist you need the ability to use even the cheapest supplies. This may be the case for some, but investing in good painting supplies will guarantee the best professional results.

Cheaper supplies tend to be made with lower quality products and components. They break down easily and will most likely slow down your project as you begin working. Low-quality brushes can have problems such as brush fibers sticking to your walls or the brush handle breaking off as you use it. If your paint roller is cheap and too fuzzy, the fibers can stick to your walls and create an uneven texture. If you can afford to invest in better quality products, it’s best to do so instead of purchasing multiple cheap products that tend to break easier.

With your new painting supplies, the correct techniques will also affect the entire project. You can do this by using the right brush strokes and using the right amount of paint each time you dip your brush. Proper layering also makes a huge difference. If you’re unsure of how to do these techniques, there are tons of resources online that you can use to learn more.

Click on this link for many painting tips.

Key Takeaway

Save money on house painting by remembering these tips and tricks. A little bit of money saved can make all the difference, especially if you need to redo a part or extra supplies. Be smart about your spending. You can still get wonderful results while saving money by following this guide.


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