Sometimes, we get too carried away with designing the interiors of our homes that we completely forget to vamp up our exteriors too. The facades of our houses and perimeter walls need not be boring! With BOYSEN Acrytex, not only will you get an extremely durable exterior paint finish, but you can also beautify your walls as well! Here’s how.

BOYSEN Acrytex

Acrytex is an acrylic, solvent-based coating that forms a seamless, non-porous, and watertight film that repels water and prevents seepage. It has excellent adhesion to concrete and wooden substrates and long-term durability. It comes in 3 different finishes: Flat, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.

Not only does Acrytex come in different sheens, but it can also be applied in 3 different textures: Fine, Medium, and Coarse. Here’s a closer look for all three variants.

Textured Exterior Walls with BOYSEN Acrytex | MyBoysen

Textured Exterior Walls with BOYSEN Acrytex | MyBoysen

Textured Exterior Walls with BOYSEN Acrytex | MyBoysen

If you want to see these panels in real life, drop by any of our exhibits this year! We have these panels on shelf with our other decorative finishes.

Acrytex Tinting Colors

Unfortunately, BOYSEN Acrytex does not have readily available, pre-mixed colors for you to choose from unlike Permacoat, Virtuoso Silk Touch, or Healthy Home. However, we do have Acrytex Tinting Colors! These are concentrated, acrylic, solvent-based tinting colorants that are formulated for use on Acrytex products. They mix easily with the base paint and and produce tints from pastel to medium shades. Always remember that these are colorants only and are meant to be mixed into a base paint. Do not apply colorants directly onto a substrate to avoid paint failure.

Check out our available colorants below.

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: How Can I Get Boysen Acrytex in Other Colors? | MyBoysen

How to Apply BOYSEN Acrytex with Texture

Heads up! BOYSEN Acrytex is still best applied by painting professionals. Since the product is solvent-based, this product is best suited for exterior projects where there is proper ventilation.

For a textured Acrytex finish, prime the substrate first with BOYSEN Acrytex Primer. Let it dry for around 2 hours. Using a mortar gun, spray BOYSEN Acrytex Cast onto the primed surface. The textured finish will only manifest by using a mortar gun! A fully opened mortar gun will cast a fine texture while a partially opened mortar gun will create a coarser texture.

After spraying the surface with BOYSEN Acrytex Cast in your desired texture, use a dampened wooden roller to to press the applied cast down. This will smoothen the texture and avoid any sharp, pointed tips in the final painted finish.

Finally, apply at least two coats of the BOYSEN Acrytex Topcoat in your desired sheen and color. Remember to wait for at least two hours in between coats!

Some Final Thoughts

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