The ho-ho-ho-holidays are here and we can’t wait to fill it with color and cheer! There’s already noticeable excitement as Pinoys start playing Christmas songs in their cars, make Christmas gift lists, and plan what to serve at the Noche Buena table. To add even more color to your celebration, we’ve made a selection of Boysen paint colors that fit right in with the festive season!

Note: All the colors mentioned below are available for mixing at Boysen Mix and Match stations. Find one nearest you here.

Evening Star

The Holidays Are Here! 5 Boysen Paint Colors for Christmas | MyBoysen

The star bears significance during Christmas time. In the biblical nativity story, it was a bright star that guided the wisemen to baby Jesus in the manger. And so, the star is an ever-present symbol of the holiday season, adorning the very top of Christmas trees everywhere. In the Philippines, it is also common to see a star-shaped parol (with its lively blinking lights) hanging outside a home.

Evening Star is reminiscent of the warm glow of a star in the evening sky. It represents hope and eager anticipation for what’s to come. Yellow is an inherently uplifting color as well which makes it a fitting hue for the holidays (especially with the 2021 and 2020 that we’ve all had).

Angelic Choir

The Holidays Are Here! 5 Boysen Paint Colors for Christmas | MyBoysen

First, there’s “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Then there’s also “Angels We Have Heard on High.” Many of our beloved Christmas carols mention angels singing on the night Jesus was born. How lovely! This scene does occur in the nativity story too. It was right after an angel announced the birth of Christ to a group of shepherds that many angels suddenly appeared before them singing praises. Hence, the angelic choir.

Angelic Choir comes in a subdued deeper red hue. It’s a shade you’ll very likely come across a lot this time of year. The color reminds us of well-worn Christmas sweaters, chestnuts (or kastanyas) still warm from the fire, and rosy cheeks.

Pine Grove

The Holidays Are Here! 5 Boysen Paint Colors for Christmas | MyBoysen

There, of course, needs to be a shade of green on this list. Did you know that the Philippines has its own native species of pine trees? We have two: the Benguet Pine and the Mindoro Pine. So yes, a lot of the pine trees you’ve seen in Baguio are Benguet Pine—they’re local trees! Unfortunately, however, the number of Philippine pine trees is dwindling and efforts are continuously being done to preserve and rebuild pine forests.

Pine Grove is aptly named for the Christmas season and comes in a shade that matches the holidays. Though pine trees are hard to come by in our country (unless you live in the provinces mentioned above), there’s no stopping Pinoys from having an artificial one at home. We love our reusable Christmas trees whether they’re short, tall, thin, wide, plain, or lavishly adorned.


The Holidays Are Here! 5 Boysen Paint Colors for Christmas | MyBoysen

Celebrations must always come with an abundance of festive food. We Pinoys have our own traditional sweets and treats usually served around Christmas and on Noche Buena like puto bumbong and leche flan.

If we were to pick one that’s known across many countries, however, it would be gingerbread. I personally do enjoy a good gingerbread cookie and I think I like them even more because they only come this time of year. As a paint color, Gingerbread is a shade of brown not far from the cookie’s color. Milk please!

Party Time

The Holidays Are Here! 5 Boysen Paint Colors for Christmas | MyBoysen

Here’s another red but this time in a brighter shade. It’s named Party Time because what’s Christmas without festivities and celebrations with loved ones, right? The pandemic may have hindered family and friends from physically being together, but we found ways to feel closer to one another nevertheless.

Christmas is a time to share love and red couldn’t be a more appropriate color. We hope you get to spend this holiday season with the people that matter to you. The recent unforeseen circumstances have made us realize what we’ve taken for granted. Take this time to remember what you’re grateful for. Wishing you a happy Christmas!


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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