Ever in-tune with the latest and on-trend, Press Loft, a company that provides marketing material and tools for brands all over the world, has released its prediction for the colors that will make it big in the first half of 2024. Will any of these make it to your home?

Cherry Cola

These are the Colors You’ll Likely Be Seeing More of This Year | MyBoysen

Want understatedly chic and daring? You got it. A beautifully luxurious and delectable deep red is likely going to be around a lot this year—so lovers of bold, rejoice! Press Loft calls it “Cherry Cola” but it’s essentially crimson, a shade of red mixed with hints of blue or violet which gives it an irresistible depth and richness.

If you’ve been paying close enough attention, you’ve already seen a lot of red recently too. At the Parish Spring 2024 Fashion Week, “You would have been hard-pressed attend a fashion show or presentation that didn’t include the color red” says Refinery 29.

And, of course, there’s also “The Unexpected Red Theory”, an interior design trend that has recently gone viral TikTok. From interior designer Taylor Simon, it’s the theory that even one red item in a room automatically makes the space look better. It might not match but that’s the point and what, in theory, makes it effortlessly stylish.

Amber Glow

These are the Colors You’ll Likely Be Seeing More of This Year | MyBoysen

Bask in the warm glow of the sun even when you’re indoors. “Amber Glow” is Press Loft’s chosen name for the hues between earthy orange and golden yellow. Think of the range of colors during a sunset. Those exactly.

Fashion’s hottest brands including Miu Miu and JW Anderson filled their Spring/Summer 2024 with yellow. Will all the exposure, media publications are expecting Gen Z to pick up on the color real soon pushing it further into trendy territory.

For the home, keep in mind that yellow works best in a space with lots of windows. Otherwise, you risk it looking a little sad and drab with just artificial lighting and no sunlight streaming in. A little goes a long way as well. A lot can easily get overwhelming so using it as an accent is an easier way to incorporate it in a room.


These are the Colors You’ll Likely Be Seeing More of This Year | MyBoysen

There’s no escaping pink! Even years after designers said it was on the way out, pink is still alive and kicking as a sought-after color. And, thanks to the massive success of the Barbie movie released last year, hot pink was the pink to be. Press Loft, however, is seeing that this year will bring a shift over to its softer, paler sister—blush.

Says Press Loft, “We’ll see subtle, delicate blush hues playing a big role in our design choices for 2024. Blush tones are elegant yet still playful and will help to create a serene setting in any interior space.”

We’re all for it! Blush can give you that wash of positivity and good vibes when you’re around it. Pink, after all, is said to foster a sense of ease and lower aggression. Imagine it not just for the bedroom but also in unexpected areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Green Tea

These are the Colors You’ll Likely Be Seeing More of This Year | MyBoysen

If soothing colors are more your vibe, what Press Loft calls “Green Tea” might be to your liking. A green close to sage, it’s just the shade if you want to create a serene environment at home.

This shade of green has been on trend for a few years now and it seems it will only get even more so this year. Per Apartment Therapy, “green has remained a favorite shade for all over the home — especially on kitchen cabinets.” They add, “What’s amazing is that the fresh shade still feels exciting after years of being popular.” We couldn’t agree more. Light and breezy, it’s an easy color choice to make.

You can have it on your walls but as mentioned, it’s definitely a stunning shade for kitchen cabinets. If you have wooden cabinets, here’s a cheat sheet for mixing sage green using Boysen Quick Drying Enamel and tinting colors: for 1 gallon of white, mix 1/3 of 250 ml Thalo Green, 1/3 of 250 ml of Raw Sienna, and 1/3 of 250 ml of Lampblack. Presto!

Who else is excited for what colors will actually be trendy this year? Because we definitely can’t wait to find out.

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