Neutral colors seem to be the most popular choice for home exteriors. Some of our best selling hues are in the shades of off white, beige, and gray. These minimalist colors are easier to match and even easier to maintain. Light colors or pastels are less likely to have color fading over time. But what if we look past these usual hues? Have you ever thought about painting your home exteriors pink?

Color Psychology of Pink

Take a look down the ladies’ aisles in any grocery or store. Notice anything in particular? Most of the products, if not all of them, are in a shade of pink. Pink has always been associated with femininity. Tender, pastel pinks are calming and relaxing. On the other hand, stronger shades like fuchsia can make people feel empowered and confident.

To others, pink is seen as a very “silly” color. But, given the situation we’re in right now? We need a little bit of silly in our lives, TBH. Along with that silly energy, pink also represents fun and creativity. In fact, our office interiors are painted pastel pink! (It’s VCT19-7206 Cloud of Unknowing from Boysen Color Trend 2017; in case you’re wondering).

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Pink House Paint Ideas

Tickled Pink: Blushing Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

Boysen has a ton of pinks. But, the colors we chose for you here are from our Boysen Color Palette. Also, these colors can be mixed using the Permacoat Semi-Gloss latex base which can be applied on exterior concrete. Not all pinks are created equal though. Red pigments in particular are difficult to formulate for outdoor applications. (The same goes for yellow paint!) That’s why it’s important to read the fine print when choosing colors. Usually, brochures and fandecks will indicate whether or not the paint can be used for exteriors. Sometimes, certain shades of red or yellow need to have a colored primer in order to get the perfect shade. Other times, instead of the usual two coats of topcoat, you need three or more.

Boysen Latex Colors

Tickled Pink: Blushing Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

There’s another way to come up with your own shade of pink: by using Boysen Latex Colors. These are water-based colorants than can be mixed with a base paint such as Permacoat, Healthy Home, or Virtuoso Silk Touch. Since this article is about pink exteriors, we have to make sure that whatever color you come up with can withstand the harsh outdoors. This is where Boysen Exterior Red comes in! This is just one of the many colorants Boysen Latex Colors has. Previously, we only had Toluidine Red as a pigment for producing bright, pastel pink colors. However, Toluidine Red is strictly for interior use only.

How to Use Boysen Exterior Red

Tickled Pink: Blushing Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

Remember, B-1479 Exterior Red is a colorant. Meaning, you can’t apply it directly onto the concrete surface. It’s meant to be mixed into a base paint. Top tip: you can still mix in a colorant to a colored base paint (water-based colorant to a water-based paint), just as long as you still follow the 1:16 ratio. That’s a maximum of 1/4 Liter colorant to a gallon of base paint. As long as you follow these instructions, and use the correct colorant for the appropriate location, there should be no problem.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to shy away from “unusual” colors like pink for your home’s exteriors. Hey, it’s your house, right? Paint the exterior and interior pink if it sparks joy deep in your soul. We’re just here to point you in the right direction so your house can stay pretty in pink longer. Don’t forget to use Boysen Exterior Red colorant when mixing for exterior applications. If you have any other question on the use of colorants for exterior surfaces, you can send us an email at Happy painting!

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