There are four color palettes in Ascension, the theme of Boysen Color Trend 2024-25. There’s Awakening, Alchemy, Artistry, and Abundance. Today, we turn our focus to Alchemy and the colors in the palette.

What is Alchemy

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Alchemy is the transformation of matter. A medieval science and philosophy, it was primarily concerned with attempting to transform base metals into gold. The dream was to take something readily found and procured, and through a process yet to be uncovered, turn it into something of beauty and value.

Additionally, its practitioners—the alchemists—were also in pursuit of creating the universal elixir thought to be able to cure diseases, restore vigor, or bring eternal life. Today, alchemy is a metaphor for the process of healing and spiritual rebirth.

Alchemy for Your Home

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Alchemists know that the process of making gold would not be a simple one. After all, anything worth having doesn’t come easy, right? Attaining something so valuable as gold would undoubtedly require effort.

The same is true for our homes. If we want to create and inhabit spaces that we truly value, we have to commit to the process. It will take time and hard work, but you will get there. You are an alchemist. Use colors to work magic on your home and find that beauty can come from the ordinary.

The Colors of the Alchemy Color Palette

Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 Launch | MyBoysen

The Alchemy color palette from Boysen Color Trend 2024-25 Ascension inspires you to open yourself up to wonder and mystery. Embrace more intense colors for your home and find that what emerges is a space filled with drama, elegance, and sophistication.

BCT24-7744S Solar Essence

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

This deep yellow is not for the faint of heart. Solar Essence is bold and bright. And just like the sun, it is energy-giving as well—provided that it is well-placed in the home and used in the right amount. Consider it as an accent color to highlight unique features of your home.

BCT24-7517S Sage’s Remedy

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Burning dry sage is done as a spiritual ritual to cleanse a space. It is also said to remove negative energy, promote healing, and bring mindfulness. Remember this when you paint with Sage’s Remedy. As a versatile hue, it will work in any room of the home and, with its deep green color, encourages tranquility and a sense of calm.

BCT24-7021S Clear Quartz

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Empty your mind of worries and doubts. Remove what doesn’t serve you and hold close what brings you joy and peace. For those who prefer a no-fuss color for their walls, choose Clear Quartz. This light gray shade is a subtle and elegant hue that makes a good backdrop for minimalist homes.

BCT24-7912S Obsidian

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Obsidian is a volcanic glass that forms from the rapid cooling of lava. Pure obsidian is black in color and translucent, giving it a mysterious and alluring quality. Deep, dark shades like this one work in low-energy rooms of the home such as the study or bathroom. Having said this, your preference still takes priority. Paint it wherever you please.

BCT24-7745S Love Potion

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

In Filipino culture, a love potion is called a gayuma. More often than not, only unrequited love necessitates such a sly and devious method for making someone fall in love with you. Thankfully, there is nothing sinister about this Love Potion. Add this stunner of a paint color to your walls and watch as it grabs the attention of house guests.

BCT24-7442S Mage’s Cloak

Transform Your Home with the Colors of Alchemy | MyBoysen

Drape your walls in dark violet with Mage’s Cloak. Steeped in magic, violet represents imagination, dreams, and mystical energy. It’s the color to choose if you’re looking for flare and drama for your home. Paint it in rooms that you want to make an impact.

If you liked Alchemy, don’t forget to check out the rest of the palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 Ascension. Head to the Boysen Color Trend website to see them all. They’re also available to view in person at The Color Library by Boysen. Get all the colors from the Ascension collection there and at Boysen Mix and Match stations.


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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